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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by passion, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. passion

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    I was just wondering if anyone knew of a good doctor in Indiana? I live about 40 miles sounth of Indianapolis.
  2. Shirl

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    Hi, you did not say what you have? FM or CFS? Anyway we do have a 'Doctor Referral' link at the top of this page, the doctors are listed by states. If its FM you have you can call the; FM Network at 1-800-853-2929 for a referral.

    Hopefully someone here can help with your area.

    Again, welcome to the board...........

  3. ja1grump

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    Try Eastside Rheumatology! That is where I go.
    It is at 71st and Shadeland
  4. Combatmedic

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    A doctor at Eastside rheumatology is the one who put me on EffexorXR, then REFUSED (via his nurse on the phone, and also at a visit prior to the phone call) to help me wean off of the drug, when I started having terrible side effects.(nighmares, sweating, fast heart rate, severe twitching and jerking in the arms, legs,and spine.)

    My gastro had to give me a prescription laxative, which I had to take at twice the regular dose, EVERY DAY.
    When I complained to the butthead rheumatologist about the severe muscle twitches and jerks, the sweating, (also lost 24 pounds in 6 weeks---was a size 4 for the first time in YEARS. I could not eat, I HATED food, and would get sick if I tried to eat. Only anti-depressant I EVER *LOST weight on!)I was also put on klonopin, ativan, zanflex,.....etc, so, in short, I spent all together around $270 ALONE, on Effexor, and all the drugs needed to counter the side effects! $80 was on a prescription laxative!!!!

    Then after 3 months, when I FIRED the jerk, over the phone, I FINALLY got the dosages I needed to wean properly,
    over a period of 4 weeks. from 150mg, to 75mg, to 37.5mg
    and ended up with terrible heart palpitations, and tachycardia;the palpitations finally went away after about 10 weeks, but, the tachycardia never did! I ended up wearing a holter monitor, and found out my heart rate goes as high as 176, and was frequently in the 120's during *non-active* times, i.e. watching t.v. etc....

    My doctor felt awful for referring me to that doctor, and says she will not send anymore of her fibromyalgia patients to him.

    I now take atenolol twice a day to keep my heart rate down, and it does the trick. Heart rate is usually between 60-80bpm the way it should be. I'm hoping I won't always need this stupid atenolol. (least it's only $6/month......)

    Anyways, I could not help but respond to this post, since I'm in Seymour.

    And when I saw Eastside Rheumatology here, I nearly chit myself.(sorry)

    There are two doctors there, though......I would not send the most depsised person in the world to see that doctor though. That is how strongly me (and my family) feel about that. Too strongly to just keep quiet.

    Now, I did see a good rheumy, at IU, but, he does not treat, I don't think...... *His* name was Dr. Ang, he's the one who diagnosed me.

    I know a good gastro, and endocrinologist up there also, if you need one. I saw a very very sweet endocrinologist up there back in July. LoL :)

    Peace, I'm out,
  5. Combatmedic

    Combatmedic New Member

    It has been nine months since weaning off the effexorXR. Everything would be back to normal by now(if it ever WAS normal ;-)

    Also I have seen an endocrinologist to check for all kinds of imbalances, insufficiency's, even adrenal(benign) tumors which can cause tachycardia, (but usually the b/p will be up and down with it, mine isn't)and also checked growth hormone, and cortisol such luck in finding anything, but, hey, normal tests are good with me! lol....

    as for the laxatives, I was using them twice a day *with little result* about every other, to every 3 days!!!

    BUT, for the sweating, I agree, I probably sweated some of my weight off! not just losing cause I couldn't stand food.

    ANYways, I just wanted to lay out my experience for Passion. Not to scare her(?) but, so that she would not go to eastside rheumatology, with the same hopes, prayers, expectations I went with, and then run into the same psycho jerk that I did, and be devastated, (insulted, weirded out, verbally badgered....etc) this doctor insisted that i *must* have had a breakdown, sometime.....that I just "must have done something crazy, sometime or another, just something off the wall" etc
    THEN I made the mistake once of offhandedly mentioning that my sister had bi-polar disorder and that I was the level-headed one, the more calm of the two of us......then he started insisting that my sister IS/ OR WILL BE using drugs, and that she WILL end up in jail, if not dead!!!!!
    MY MOTHER and husband were in the room at this time, and my mom was furious, BOTH of us went on the defense, because, while, my sister DOES make terrible choices, (things like blowing an entire paycheck on clothes, picking verbally, sometimes physically abusive boyfriends, being very loud, and telling anyone who will listen, her personal business, etc, she dresses a bit provacatively, and other times, very child like,) my sister is not on drugs, and never will be, and the closest she has EVER come to trouble with the law, is a speeding ticket, and a seat belt ticket!

    Besides that, talking about my sister had absolutely nothing to do with my fibromyalgia, and why I was there to see this horrible, rude, moody, and psychotic doctor....

    It was just a bad experience(the worst and weirdest) and i would not want another ILL fibromite to have to suffer through that. Especially when it's a long drive, a LONG wait, etc.

    Best of luck to you passion,(and others,too)

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((BIG HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Forgive my rambling, and tangents, I do have drain bamage(aka brain damage,) you know? LOL And I've got the MRI's to prove it! *wink*

    Have a good day,