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    I have recently moved to NorthEast Wisconsin and would love to hear if anyone out there knows of a good doctor for Fibro or a good pain clinic. I have been denied 2x for disability and am now waiting for my hearing with an ALJ. My last denial said that while they feel I have severe physical imparities making it difficult to work that they feel I have the mental where withal to perform sit down work. We have moved to an area where there is hardly any jobs period, I am currently working part time in a gas station which nearly kills me being on my feet, but with out this little bit of income my family would strulle more that we are. I will be 50 years old next month and have worked 50-60 hours a week since I was 16 years old, now when I need help, I am denied. ANY ADVICE? help?
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    we go to Doctors in Appleton....None of them seem of any help tho'...Most Rheumatologists in this area are so egotistical, they don't want to hear of any ideas presented to them..

    I have heard Theda Care out of Neehah is very good. It's part of Theda Clarke Hospital. They also have a pain management clinic. Might pay to check them out. I've given up on Rheumy's & just work thru my family Doc.

    He has been more help than any of the others. Good luck in finding someone that will LISTEN...That is the key...

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    Marshfield Clinic in Marshfield WI has several excellent rheumatologists as does the University of WI hospital and Clinics in Madison. The only rhuematologist I know of personally in NE WI is a jerk in Appleton who I wouldn't send my dog to. The most uncompassionate terrible Dr. I've ever been to. As the other poster said, Theda Care Clinics also have many specialists in their practices and many come with high marks. It's not always easy finding a good doctor, but they are around in NE WI.
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    But I lived in WI nearly all my life. I hired a well known disability rep.- Jack Casper. He has a strong win history and really knows how to help. Look him up, you won't regret it. Good luck and I hope you find a good doc near you.
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    Although I don't know doctors in that area, I do have a little advice. I agree with caledonia above, that you need to have an attorney if you don't already, and one that specializes in Social Security Disability. They can really help you through the process.

    You do not have to pay a cent to them, until your case is won. Then, they will recieve 1/3 of your "back award", that is from the time you claim disability until the date it's awarded. In the months that follow, you will receive your regular monthly allotment, and you will become eligible for Medicare. I think there's a 6 month waiting period, can't quite remember.

    I also recommend the following website by a disability attorney. It has many very helpful articles that should answer some of your questions:

    Good luck, keep up the fight!
  6. mjwarchol

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    I don't know any doctors, but what I might suggest...get the book "nolo's Guide to Social Security Disability". It will help you through your case. The information is invaluable.

    It tells you how they deny cases, what is need to win, how age and education make the difference etc. It is worth it, and will beome your bible. It will help you prepare for the hearing at the ALJ level.

    Good luck.

    M J

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