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    Hi everyone, I've been browsing posts for months but haven't the energy to respond yet. I'm a 27 y.o female and have Chronic Fatigue for maybe 3 or 4 years now...I'm so sick of the horrible, horrible exhaustion! Like many of you, I've been to many doctors who have no idea what's going on and have probably diagnosed me as a hypochondriac. I know there's a MD search here but if anyone knows of ANY MD in the Pittsburgh (PA) area that treats CFS, please let me know. Thanks a billion! Amy
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    hi amy-welcome to the boards. i am from new castle and just discovered a group in pittsburgh (by the airport) that i am very happy with. I see them for fibro symptoms, not sure what they do for CFS, but they are a group that treats the whole person (medical,chiro,rehab and phys. therapy) and i am so pleased with them. give them a call, they are "allegheny Medical PC" and number is 412-494-4550. They have looked at different chemicals and hormones in the body that other docs never checked out, explained how some levels might be classified as "normal" by lab standards, but still interfere with functioning and lead to so many other problems. They have treated some pitts. steelers, other sports pro's. The whole office and staff functions as a well oiled machine! i think the initial visit is free to see if they can help you, so no harm in calling. Much more impressed with them than some of the "experts" that i traveled into the city to see! (UPMC) if you are close to robinson mall, maybe we can meet--i drive down there 3 times a week, but they are worth it! Good luck, email me if you want (in my profile) laurie
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    hi amy, wish i could email you to see if you read my response. i had an appointment with this group today and asked about treatment for CFS and they said "call them" they have a program to treat CFS. i cannot say enough good things about this group, i finally have some hope and can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. It feels so good to be treated as a person with an illness and not some NUTCASE!!!!!!!! good luck--laurie
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