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    I would appreciate hearing of good CFS/FM doctor in RI or CT,please.

    thank you
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    Nothing came up for RI but CT had the following list. Also some of out members may have additional suggestions..

    I am sure there are more excellent doctors... you might try a web search on Google with "fibromyalgia doctors CT"


    Hartford CT
    Dr. David Feingold
    Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation
    490 Blue Hills Ave.
    Hartford CT 06112
    Tel: (860) 714-2647

    Kent, CT
    Fred Friedberg, PhD
    P.O. Box 456
    Kent, CT 06757
    Tel: (860) 619-8069
    Web site:
    (Self-referred. "I am a psychologist in private practice and CFS researcher. I do specialize in CFS, fibromyalgia, and multiple chemical sensitivty. I do a fair amount of phone consultations as well.
    "My approach is to help patients achieve a healthy balance between activity, rest, and lesiure. This is done through teaching active relaxation skills, sleep improvement techniques, stress reduction, pacing and low level activity schedules, and increasing good social support.
    "I have new book out: Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: 7 Steps to Less Pain and More Energy (2006; New Harbinger).")

    Southington, CT
    Dr. Christopher Manning
    51 North Main Street
    Southington, CT 06489
    Tel: (860) 621-1461
    (FMS "He is very knowledgeable and supportive. He facilitates a fibro support group, and believes in a holistic approach, including complementary medicine, but will use Western medicine where indicated. He really understands the illness, better than any other doctor I've dealt with.")

    Waterford, CT
    Schaperow Psychology Center of CT
    Sam Schaperow, MSMFT, LMFT
    567 Vauxhall Street Ext., #207
    Waterford, CT 06385
    Tel: (860) 447-2047, ext. 1
    (Self-referred to the list. "I grew up in a CFS & Fibromyalgia household. This has given me an understanding of these health problems. My college, graduate school, residency, & post-residency years have taught me empirical theories & application of marital and family therapy. As of this posting, I have openings. If I do not by the time you or your family/friend calls, please mention and I will see what I can do to get you in."

    Please see below for additional information: I am a holistic therapist, looking forward to challenging cases from people needing my expertise. Making use of a wide variety of therapies, from verbal to non-verbal, devoting much time on each of the select cases I take, and engaging in colleague consultations, I am often able to help with even the most difficult of issues. I also see children, doing family therapy even for the toughest kids. You'll see the difference family support makes, rather than my just trying to "fix the kid."

    I begin with symptom-focused counseling to attempt rapid symptom improvement. When people stay beyond that brief initial period of basic counseling, we move into long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy to find and remedy the problem's root cause.

    I encourage people to call me and we can talk about what your particular issues are and how I will be able to help you out. Or, if there is something I can't help you with, I will help you find the best regional expert for your issue. Here are some of the areas I am experienced in:

    I. Children, ages ~two through seventeen:

    1. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder & bi-polar disorder
    2. Asperger's disorder and autism
    3. Oppositional defiant disorder
    4. Family conflict
    5. Anxiety, depression, and grief
    6. Substance abuse & developing personality disorders
    7. Gay/lesbian/bisexuality issues
    8. Internet addictions.

    II. Couples:

    1. Clarifying communication
    2. Marriages on the brink of divorce
    3. Marital enhancement
    4. Internet or other sex addictions.

    III. Adults:

    1. Anxiety, depression, and grief
    2. Helping people through difficult life transitions
    3. Finding and resolving the root cause of pervasive, self-destructive life patterns
    4. Parenting (helping parents learn more effective parenting techniques for their children)
    5. Asperger's disorder
    6. Substance abuse & personality disorders
    7. Gay/lesbian/bisexuality issues
    8. Psychiatrically evaluate for gastric bypass surgery.
    9. Internet Addictions.")

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    Hi LEA--

    I lived in Providence, RI for 11 years. Are you in RI or CT? Sorry I don't have the names of any docs off the 'top of my head' but I just thought I'd write since there doesnt seem to be too many Rhode Islanders on this Message Board. Good luck!!
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