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    Hi, again,I'm looking for a new rheumatologist, this time in Solon, Ohio. Trumbull County is getting slim on rheumatologists. Anyway, I found 2 that are only 28 miles from me, the first is Dr. Phyllis Iannuzzi and the other is Dr. Mohammad Moayeri. Has anyone from our "community" been to see either of these doctors? If so, could you let me know how they are? It's between them and a Pain Management Center closer to me. I've been seeing my family doctor since my rheumy left and although he's good, I don't feel entirely comfortable with my fibro management with him. If you can help I'd really appreciate it.

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    Hi lighthouselady, Not for sure but you might could use the search feature to search by each of these Doctors?

    Also there is a Doctors list (Highlighted Tabs) at top of page. Click on the Co-Cure CFS & FM Good Doctor List and it will allow you to search by your state.

    P.S. I know this board moves so fast but you could also try editing your topic by adding searching for Doctor in or around Solon, Ohio.

    Wish I could help more and hope you get some replies.

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    Thank you for suggesting putting Solon Ohio. I must have been a bit "foggy".

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    i can only recommend my dr. and he is in willoughby so i don't know how far that is for you. probably about the same as for me. i live in geneva and it takes everybit of 45 minutes for me to get there.

    any way i have been going to him since about 1985-86 at least. i can only speak for myself and my relationship with him but he never gives me a hard time about meds.
    if anything he gets annoyed with me cause i won't take what he wants me to in order to sleep better.

    plus he was very helpful when i applied for ssd. he didn't suggest it or anything but he had kept good records and all.

    anyway as i said i can only speak for how he is with me.
    also he is very careful about testing and keeping track. his office people i do not care for but i guess everything has a price.

    his name is M.Pazirandeh
    he also has 2 drs. now working with him Dr. terrence foley has been with him for years and now there is dr. gary kramer. i don't know him. so if you don't like one you can try another one. but which everone you choose that's who you see all the time.

    let me know what you think. these guys are right next door to "Lake East hospital" on euclid ave(RT20) in willoughtby.
    the number is 440-953-8700

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    He has written books and is a very well known Fibro specialist. I believe he is Canton, or North Canton?

    I have heard, from many, how gentle he is PLUS compassionate and understanding. He might have Fibro himself.

    It doesn't take months to get in. Of course, not in a few days either!

    He is someone I would recommend for anyone in Ohio. Especially for those in NE Ohio.

    I think if you search his name, information regarding him, will come up.

    Hope this helps!


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    Mark Pellegrino in North Canton. His website is

    He is a physical medicine doctor-rehabilitation. Order his book "Inside Fibromyalgia" from any bookstore for $25.00 approximately.

    I love this guy.

    He has Fibromyalgia!!!!!!!

    Mustluvdogs also suggested Dr. William Wilke at the Cleveland Clinic.

    I will be seeing for the first time a Dr. Chatterjee there next week.

    I can also recommend Dr. Isam Diab who has offices in Middleburg Heights - Bagley Rd. across from Southwest Hospital and another office on Madison in Lakewood.
    He is with Premier Physicians and he is a doctor who is sought out for Clinical Trial examinations. He is a rheumy and a sweetie too!

    Good luck!


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