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    I last saw my doctor in March. He started me on oxycodone. I took them, and at first they did nothing. As of now they are working, but only for about 3 hours, then they quit. I can only take one every 6 hours.

    I called within 2 days of starting to take them, and they let me come in to see the NP. I talked with him for over 20 minutes, and he finally said that I needed antidepressants. (paxil). After turning blue in my face by trying to tell him that antidepressants make me depressed, he still did not listen. Well I called back up there and asked for an appt to see the doctor. They gave me an appt for June 8th. As I got up there, they said that the doctor was NOT seeing patients. I asked then why did they not tell me that. They gave me an appt for the end of July. I realized that I had already had another appt for July 6th. When they found out that I had that regular scheduled appt, they said that he was going to be on vacation on that day, and that I had to come in on July 30th, and not sooner.

    I am beginning to feel as though they are trying to get rid of me. I am in pain, and fighting to stay alive. My blood sugars have been in the 300's since I have been in so much pain, and they just dont seem to listen. The EMR doctors said they cant treat me, its just pain!

    I am at my wits end, and I cannot think of any reason to keep fighting, not one. The thought of living day to day like this is just too much. I was fighting and holding my own, just to get to June 8th to see the doctor. Now I keep getting slapped in the face, and I am just tired.

    I wish there was another doctor, but it took me over 6 months to find him, and I am still not able to find anyone that treats FM. They keep saying that "too many people fake FM and they wont be responsible for giving pain meds".

    Its not just the FM, after 39 years of type 1 diabetes, I have diabetic nerve pain. Now with my blood sugars so high, its that much worse.

    I know most of you have better things to do than to reply when there is nothing to reply, but I just needed to vent. I just feel as though everyone, including God has left me.

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    I am truly sorry for the way you're having to suffer. I too have a tremendous amount of pain every day, so I know what you're dealing with.

    I don't take anything but over the counter pain medication and it barely takes the edge off. I hate being dependant on doctor's for prescription renewals each month. I went through that years ago and had to go through withdrawal and I'm hesitant to ever go back.

    This is one of the hardest battles I've ever fought. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes one year ago and have been managing it with diet alone, so far. I know for a fact that stress raises blood sugar.

    I was hospitalized 2 weeks ago with some sort of visual disturbance and am still trying to get a diagnosis. Have had several test to rule stuff out but the brain MRI showed a cyst on the left side in front. Don't know it this is what caused the episodes or not. It'll be 3 weeks before the neurologist can see me.

    Had a tooth extraced last month, going for a cleaning today and need another one filled. I have pelvic prolapse and can hardly walk from the FM and OA. I have to use a wheelchair when going out. I sleep days, so I feel like I'm in a coma when I go to the doctor's Also have multiple chemical sensitivites and headaches.

    I'm only telling you about all this stuff to say that I can really relate to your feelings about wanting to give it up and quit fighting. I know how down you must feel, I am having the same ups and downs, but I do know for sure that God has not left either one of us.

    I have had so much help and support from the people on this board in the past few weeks and I know you will too. We're not in this alone. We have each other, thank God. I have very little family support, only my husband and he is very supportive and understanding. My four grown kids have let me down so many times I can't count, with their lack of understanding, compassion, and general lack of interest. They don't even want to read about CFS/FM.

    Please don't give up. I'm praying for you and I care very much how you feel. Hugs and Prayers, GB66

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    Sweetie, I am so sorry for what you are going through. If it were me, I'd continue to look for another doc while you are still with this one. Patients are entitled to relief from pain. Is this doc a pain specialist? They are often much more interested in pain relief. Please know there are prayers going up. Let us know how you are doing.

    Oh, BTW, I took the liberty of adding spaces in between your paragraphs. Some of us cannot read without paragraph breaks and I don't want anyone to miss out on reading your post.

    Love, Mikie
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  4. mbofov

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    I'm so sorry for what you're going through. I think finding knowledgable compassionate doctors are one of the hardest things with these DD.

    I don't have any answers for you but just echo Mikie's sentiments that maybe you should try to find another doctor while you still have this one, as the one you have is not meeting your needs. By the way, I can't tolerate ADs either. I do take 5-htp, it naturally helps the brain produce serotonin without nasty side effects. l-tryptophan does the same thing too.

    I'll keep you in my prayers and hope you get some relief soon -


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