doctor made me cry

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  1. I just had to write because of a doctor visit.I already have to go to a salvation army for doctor care ,so they are retired doctors.So I go in he said xrays show nothing wrong with hips or legs.Than said why are you in pain.He than said it is neorsis whatever CRAZY!!Is what he meant.Well He said everyone is in pain and what do I want from him ?Than he tells me oh yeah here it says there are spasm in my neck muscles so I say welll there you go!! I was crying than c looked crazy he put me on vailum for muscle for spasms.Well I am going to have to get insurance I can not put up with this sort of care.It's bad enough that you have to put up with family memebers that don;t believe you. I also said I fell on my neck in may a year ago and started feeling pain in november he goes that would not cause you pain 6 months later.So I guess I should welcome myself to fybromyalgia.Ruthie
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    Dr's that know nothing about this can be so mean. I'm sorry you had to go through that.

    It took me 10 yrs to be dx once I could put a name to it.

    Hope you can get better ins.

    Take care,
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    Sorry you had a bad experience with that doctor. Don't let him upset you. I am not sure Valium is the drug you need for muscle spasms. How about a muscle relaxant like Soma??

    Valium helps anxiety I think. Maybe someone else can give their opinion here.