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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Myth, Aug 19, 2003.

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    I went to the doctor because my pain is increasing, my muscles spasming, constant headaches and flare ups are becoming common. She told me to take asprin and have a warm bath! Well, I could not help it, they keep minamizing my pain when I tell them it is getting hard to function and cope- so I began to cry. I am still upset really. This is why my dad had a nervous breakdown. You suffer and suffer and eventually you just can't handle the fact that no one notices or treats you effectively.
    The problem is my regular doctor is willing to treat me; she wants to put me on Flexeril. But I have been trying to get pregnant (I have a fertility problem-been trying for two yearsn now), so I cannot go on any medication that may cause defects or problems (which is everything). Ocasionally I get some Percocet but even that I usually can only take when I know for sure I am not pregnant (which is only about half of the month). So it is either untreated pain and FMS or give up trying to have a baby. Not a very good choice. And she was not full of helpful suggestions. So I am rather screwed. She did say that I should go see my regular doctor and get her to send me to a pain clinic and at least that is something. I need to manage my pain somehow, becuase it is seriously affecting my ability to work and I don't think my boss will appriiciate any more absences. It is either the pain clinic or start smoking pot! I am seriously just ready to scream.
    Myth :(
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    No I have no children right now. I have considered the fact that it will be difficult to be a parent with this dd. However my spouse is and will be very supportive. He already helps me out with everything. Plus I would not work as much if I had a child. Another thing is that once I do have a child I can be treated more effectively and so I will improve somewhat. We both want a child. It is not as though I have a career or ever will- I would like at least to have a family.
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    I have been to so many doctors that have minimized my pain. I've had two doctors in the past year that have told me they think I should just go off all of my medication, and maybe I'll get better. Yeah, and maybe Santa Clause exists. I would recommend you go to a pain management clinic - they really are the specialists when it comes to pain. Just inquire first as to whether they have any experience with Fibromyalgia.

    Hope things work out for you pain-wise and pregnancy-wise.

    Hang in there!
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    I am going to be sent to a fertility clinic to get tests done but as far as I can tell I show none of the symptoms for PCOS. I am looking forward to figuring out what the problem is and if it can be solved. I get the impression that there are no pain killers that they want pregnant women or women who are thinking about becoming pregnant to be on because these drugs have not been tested and they can't be sure. Some pain killers don't seem to be as bad whereas some definatly are not a good idea- certainly most of the common treatments for FMS are out the window right now.
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    Please have a read of my reply to ksp56, titled "Doctors and diagnosing FM & CFS together" just a bit down this page.

    It may help you some.

    Love Pat.
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    I'm so sorry you had such an experience with your Doc.
    I posted above...I had the same thing happen to me today~ My doc had the nerve to rip up a script for darvecet just because I asked her for something stronger!!
    (keep in mind i've been on these darvs for over 8 yrs, for pain.They no longer help me at all) So I left her office with nothing!!she is sending me to a pain clinic~ She has always minimized my pain!! she feels I should'nt need anything stronger!!! I Know I do. I'm so frustrated with drs!! maybe you'll be better off seeing a pain dr too??
    Looks like we have no choice huh? best of luck to you!!
    I am walking in your shoes~ Take care :)
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    Hi Myth, I was just reading some of the replies to your post and see some negative comments on having a baby. I have never tried to have a baby biologically, but I did choose to adopt as a single mom even though I have FMS. Some days it is so hard, but I just could not imagine my life without my son. So I just wanted you to know that I am in support of you and your decision to try to get pregnant. It is a very personal decision. I don't know if you are as sensitive as me or not, but I used to be really upset when people tried to tell me I shouldn't adopt. In my case it was more because I was single than because of the FMS. However, now that I have my son no one has said anything negative about it.

    I hope you do find a way to manage the pain soon. I'm sorry the doctor did not seem to take your pain very seriously.

  8. Myth

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    for all the responses. I am having a bit of a difficult time with the pain right now. It is just a little fustrating and depressing.
    As for the children issue... well I know this is a hot topic and I really did not want to address it accept as to show why I am not getting treatment for my FMS symptoms and the increasing pain. I don't know really what to say about it except my mind it made up and my spouse and I discussed it quite a lot. I know that children do not just sit still, I have two little brothers I helped raise. If I am capable of working full time then I am capable of raising a child full time- expecially with my spouse and parents assistence and in addition to the fact that I would not be working and would be getting treatment for the FMS. Perhaps it is selfish of me to want to have one thing- one normal aspect of life rather than to say that FMS made me unable to do it like everything else. I think it would be horribly sad to think the only thing I have to show for my existence of this earth was that I had FMS and was always in pain- nothing else- no family, no career no nothing.
    It is now that is the real problem- I work too much and have nothing to ease the relentless pain. That is what is bothering me. I will try the pain clinic out and see what will be with that and I will try the fertility clinic out and see what is wrong there. One way or anouther one of these problems will have a solution.

    PS Jellybean- I have never miscarried, just can get pregnant at all.