Doctor out of town again when I need my scripts refilled

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    I called my rehumy about getting my meds refilled for this month. Found out that he will not be in the offce till monday. I called the clinic and asked if he had left any one on call and they said No , just call your primary care doctor and he should refill your scripts for you. So I called him and was told by the nurse that he does not like to fill the narcotic pain meds for the full perscription, he would gladly give me 5 days worth. I said that I needed to have a full 30 days as one of the scripts cost $44.00 and I can't afford and don't have the money to pay for them twice. She said that she would let me know if he would do it. But I had to take my MOm to the doctor and was gone most of the afternoon and then helped Mom make her bed and other stuff.Thinking that he was not going to do the 30 days, I called the clinic back and asked if by chance any one was on call and there was so I spoke to his nurse who informed me that it would be Friday before I could come and pick up the scripts.
    When I finally got home I listened to my messages and low and behold my primary doctor had written the 30 days worth of meds for me. SHOCK! But I had to pick the scripts up by 5:00 pm and it was 4:30 and his office is about a 20 monute drive from my house and that is when the traffic is good. So I hurried to get to his office and I made it by 5:02 and thankfully they stayed open for me and I went and had them filled at the pharmacy. I had already spoken to my pharmcy about having the right amount of the meds I needed and they didn't and would not for another week. So I called around and finally found a pharmcy that carried the meds I take .So when I Picked up the scripts they were on one sheet of paper and I thought it would be kinda dumb to fill one at this pharmcy and one at the regualar pharmacy. I had them both filled at the other pharmacy and it cost me $15.00 less then my usual pharmacy.

    But when I got home the on call doctor's office had left me a message saying that they knew I had gotten them filled from anyother doctor and would I please call them on Friday morning and let them know what was going on.I called them early friday morning and explained what happened and they understood. All of my doctors work for one clinic even though they have satilite offfice's, so that is how they knew who I had write me the scripts.
    It all worked out but it was kinda funny. I am glad that I explained to the on call doc as it would have caused problems for me if I had not called and told them what happened.
    I didn't know so many doctors involved in getting two scripts refilled. What a day. Glad it is over and I can relax now, maybe.

    Just wanted to let you know to always be honest, or in my case I could have been in deep trouble.

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