Doctor prescribed Lipitor/Synthroid

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    I saw my doctor yesterday and she prescribed Lipitor for high cholesterol and Synthroid for low thyroid. I'm very concerned about starting new medications because I have so many bad reactions to drugs. I have chemical sensitivities as well as type 2 diabetes also.

    If anyone has any experiences with either of these two medications, good or bad, would you please share them me. I'm a bit nervous about starting them. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks. GB66
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    make sure you take CoQ10 (very important coenzyme for muscles) as Lipitor depletes it

    Im very surprised your doctor did not mention to take CoQ10 or did he?

    you should be ok with the synthroid - curious what did your dr. test for thryoid and what were the results

    some do not do well with synthroid (just T4) and need Armour (T4 and T3) instead

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  3. I too am very sensitive to drugs and usually have bad reactions as well... so I completely understand and share your apprehension about taking any synthetic drugs... usually the adverse effects are as bad (or worse) as what they're treating me for...

    I have no experience with Lipitor but I was on Synthroid and, for me, it made my heart do weird things... felt like my heart was doing flip flops in my chest... and it would skip beats, etc... As soon as I switched to a natural thyroid supplement those symptoms disappeared. I've been on Nature thyroid and now am on Westhroid (which is basically the same thing) because there was a shortage of the Nature Thyroid...

    Some folks do fine with Synthroid, but if you're as sensitive to drugs as I am, you may want to try an integrative doc who is open to natural thyroid replacement.

    I hope you don't have to deal with any adverse drug reactions... I'll be praying for you.

    Blessings and Gentle Hugs,

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    If you are sensitive to medications you may wish to try the Synthroid alone first of all and see how you adjust to that. Tell your doctor you'd like to hold off on the Lipitor for the time being.

    Low thyroid levels can cause higher cholesterol, so you may find your cholesterol comes down a bit after a number of weeks on thyroid supplementation.

    Also the thyroid being more balanced may give you energy to move around more, such as gentle walks or swimming. More physical movement also brings down cholesterol levels.

    If after 6 weeks or so you get blood work done and your cholesterol is not coming down and it is sky high, then you might consider the drug. But as has been mentioned there are natural supplements that along with a balanced thyroid, more movement, and a decent lower fat diet could bring you good results and allow you to skip the statin drugs.

    Avoiding the statin drugs is also good on your wallet. They are expensive!

    Let us know how you are coming along.

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    I very much appreciate all your input. I've been feeling very bad since my doctor visit on Friday and I'm going to rest up and come back later to answer all of you. You've given me a lot to think about.

    At the doctor's office, they misplaced my file and after an hour, and two inquiries at the desk, they finally realized it. I am exhausted and sore, big time, from sitting in my wheelchair in the waiting room and exam room for two hours in all.

    I asked the nurse if they forgot about me and she lied and said no, they just had a lot of "difficult" patients. Then my doctor came in and the first thing she did was apologize for them for forgetting me! Go figure. Hugs, GB66