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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by risinforce, Aug 5, 2005.

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    I'm currently being tossed around by doctors. Actually I dont even really have one anymore. It is such a feeling of desperation, especially because pain meds are running low and I can't even take what I'm supposed to.

    My insurance changed so old pain doc is gone. Fam phys is on maternity leave and replacement doc thinks I'm a junky. I'm trying to get into new pain clinic but the girl wont call me back. I feel like screaming.

    My meds are extremely low and I've not where to turn. I do have a refill on a vicodin script but it's from old pain doc and Walgreens probably won't fill it. They'll think I'm a junky too.

    What do I do? I've called new pain clinic twice a day this week trying to get a call. At first they were waiting for records but now they have them and won't call back.

    I dread running out of meds as I will be immobilized for sure. They are the only thing that allows me to work and basically move about.

    What in the heck should I do? I've prayed for a miracle. Maybe you could too!

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    I dont take any meds for my pain. Even when Im hurting REALLY bad (like today). I prefer instead to do one of three things (or all three):

    -take a nice HOT shower
    -dry off, apply icy hot
    -lay down on my body massage pad (purchased at Fred Myers)--well worth it!!

    and if that still doesnt help, I make up a nice big bath using a special oil blend. I can post the 'how to' if you want.

    Ive also been treated the same way, even though I refuse to take pain killers. Its funny, I refuse to take the perscriptions. When they make me accept them I dont actualy FILL them. If my mother fills them, I dont take them and they end up expering while sitting in the drawer untouched....yet im also a 'junky.' Funny huh??

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    Shawn~~First, I wonder how good the pain clinic was if they won't even return your calls. Do you have any other pain clinics near you?

    But in the meantime, you have to be like the fly that won't go away. Call them and call them. If you can, go to the pain clinic and meet face to face with them. I have a well respected pain clinic with a good pain clinic doctor which is 100 miles away from where I live....but to get past the receptionists, nurses, staff, and automated system, I have to call, and call, and call until they get sick & tired of me bugging them--and then I finally get action. But one of the Major questions you need to ask is how do they treat FM/CFS or your condition. Not all pain clinics are the same, and some don't believe in eleviating pain with medications. Also, some pain clinics won't take you as a patient unless you've been referred by a physician--mine wouldn't.

    Besides FM/CFS, I also had a number of other medical issues, my physician referred me to my pain clinic, and I was fortunate to get a sympathic, knowledgeable doc who has done everything to help me--including get on disability the first time I applied and in a relatively short period of time. But I have an extremely difficult time calling the clinic and getting a response. I just keep calling, ask to speak to a doctor, the primary nurse, and basically drive them nuts till I get action.

    Best of luck to you. I know how miserable & anxiety-ridden it can be to be running low on meds and no place to go. My prayers are with you. Blessings, Carol....