Doctor Referals in California for CFS/FM

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LW, Mar 31, 2003.

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    Was wondering if any body out there had some advice regarding good CFS/FM specialists in California? I live in Central California but would be willing to go to Bay Area or L.A. to find a good CFS/FM doctor. Am not aware of any in my area, and after 20 plus years of living with the disease, my symptoms with age now require that I 1) find a good doctor 2) get proactive again with regard new treatments and 3) find a doctor who understands the social security disability process if it becomes necessary (it seems I may be heading down that road finally). Would sure appreciate any advice anyone has to give me. Thanks.
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    Hi- My doctor is in Encinitas, just north of San Diego. I've been seeing him since July 2000. He helped me get SSD in almost record time. He does a lot of his work over the phone, so you don't have to travel here. He's expensive but Blue Cross covers some of my costs. He had CFS himself and does quite a bit of lab testing, as do most of the docs. He specializes in treating CFS, FM, Lyme etc. but his training is in psychiatry and neurology. His name is Dennis Gersten. He has a website so if you do a search you'll find him. His resume is on his website too, I think. I trust him and he listens! Good luck.
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    Thanks guys, will follow up with your suggestions.

    Interesting point brought up about researchers doing clinical trials. Have any of you been involved in such trials? Results? I'm new to this board and haven't found out where I actually get a list of such researchers. So if you can tell me more, much appreciated.

    Thanks again. Glad I found this site; it's good to know there are a bunch of other folks out there struggling with this too.

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    Hi! I've been researching all the cfs docs for the same reason as you! I've been ill for 11 years and avoiding medicine for most of it which is no longer working since my functioning is getting worse.

    I found a doc who sounds great up in Corte Madera, His name is Michael Rosenbaum. He taught Jacob Teitelbaum who is a biggie in the CFS arena. I just cancelled my appointment for this Monday because I am too fatigued to get on a plane, sort out transportation and lodging, not to mention getting around in a strange area when I'm foggy. But! He will work with you over the phone after your initial comprehensive visit.

    I just signed up here and seem to recall some strict rules about posting web sites or info regarding any outside resources. Does that mean info sharing or what? Anyway, you can email me at: and I'll let you know what I've learned about all these docs.
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    I lookup his website and read much of it. Are you taking his amino-acid therapy? And if so, are you buying his products or can we get the suppliments from our local health food store?

    I was impressed with his credentials and emphases on spiritual mind and body connection for healing one’s self. I would be very interested in seeing him.

    Thanks again, Reallytired…