doctor says exercise and eat well

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  1. harmony21

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    I have been diagnosed with FM and have been going to the same doctors for 2 years or so now

    Today she said exercise, walk make a point of it......make sure you eat well

    I so dont feel I cant tell her the same things over and over but she isnt listening

    Iam fatigued especially in the morning but especially after going shopping, doing the house work etc after such days I can be crashed for 2 days

    As far as food is concerned the fatigue also catces up with me there,, I buy the good food but mostly then not it ends up in the bin

    I just want to sleep

    Today I feel a useless blob, lazy and neurotic

    do any of you ever feel like this?????

    I know attitude has to be involved but how??? as is motiviation when you are just toooooooooo tired

    help please

    angel hugs

  2. misskoji

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    I, and I'm sure many of us here can relate to your feelings. You are NOT lazy, NOT neurotic, and definately NOT useless! You have a very real and severe illness.
    Of course someimes I feel the same way, so I should not be on a soapbox.

    However, remember that your mind is willing, but your body is unable and it is not your fault.
    Im sure if you were able, you would be more than happy to do the things you are unable to do right now. That's way different than laziness. Lazy people have the ability but lack the motivation or interest.

    Neurotic? Well, it's no wonder we feel like this some times. Doctors and loved ones don't understand and many times deny that there is a valid reason we can't or do some of the things they expect us to do. If you didn't question your sanity, well then maybe you would have reason to worry. ;)

    Many different doctors believe excersize is the key, or even the answer for Fibromyalgia. Well if only they could walk in our shoes! If you feel like you can't, DON'T! Listening to your own body and knowing what is best for you is your best bet.

    If your doc isn't listening to you, like so many out there, look for another one. They are supposed to be working for you. Just like any other professional, eg lawyer, accountant, ect. If they aren't doing their job, you would fire them right? The same should apply to your most important person, your health care proffesional. I know it can be very frustrating, but they are out there. Sometimes you just have to kiss a lot of frogs before finding your prince.

    I'm sending you healing hugs and hope you feel relief soon.
  3. justjanelle

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    But if a little walk puts me out of commission for 2 days, then it's obviously the wrong thing for me to do!

    So I look at the little housework I'm able to do as my exercise. Swept the kitchen floor on Monday? Exercise! Washed 2 loads of laundry Tuesday? Exercise!

    I stay within my own limits and am perfectly truthful when I tell the doctor that yes, I am indeed exercising as much as my condition will tolerate. He's happy and I'm not trying to push myself beyond my limits.

    Eating well remains a problem for me too. But I finally think I have the exercise problem covered at least.

    Best wishes,
  4. goldengoddess

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    Start with 5 min, 3 days a week. Somedays I do 40 min on the treadmill, other days it's hardly 5, and others I can't get out of bed so I don't. I know it sounds hard to do, but makeing the effort really pays off in the long run.

    Its a cycle, bad, ok, worse, better. So do as much as you can, even if it's a 3 minute walk around the block!
  5. Real exercise kills me for days on end, no matter how slow I work up to it. My rheumatologist told me if I do the housework and grocery shop thats exercise enough. Believe me it is enough I can barely do that.
  6. Dixielanddelight

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    I feel that same way all the time. Not lazy just cannot get up and do stuff w/o wearing myself out. I have been to several physical therapists and the last one i had to quit because they were overworking me. I told them that I was having major intense stabbing pains in my head to the point of throwing up. Their response "oh we dont think its the exercises". I have quit and I do not have the headaches like i did. My pain management dr has also said do not walk because of the situation w/my back but the physical therapist kept pushing me to walk. So, I dunno if it is going to do any good or not for me.
  7. SkeptikSharon

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    I also have issues with the exercise and eating thing.

    With exercise, I try to do what I can, but I’m so tired and in pain all the time, so it makes it difficult. I’ve been trying to exercise for the last 3 years, and am able to do “some” a couple times a week. But yes, it hits me afterwards and especially the next day. My physical therapist chick I was seeing gave me stretches and exercise to do, but told me not to do the ones that cause me more pain – which is ALL of them! So I’m kind of stuck there.

    As far as eating goes, that’s also a problem. I’ve changed my diet quite a bit in the last several months, but I also have the same problem with buying good foods and then them going bad before I can eat them. I think its partially because I forget what I have in the fridge from one moment to the next. Plus, I have really bad digestive problems and abdominal pain, so it makes it difficult to eat anything at all. It’s a struggle just to get to the 1500 calories just to MAINTAIN my weight, let alone to get to 2000 to gain any weight. At this point, I have lost a ton of weight and lately have been between 90-92 pounds, which is WAY underweight for me, since I am 5’6.5”. I’ve never weighed this little, even in high school. Its ridiculous and really scares me. I have lost so much weight, I can see ALL of my bones sticking out of my body and my skin kind of hangs. Needless to say, I avoid the mirrors as much as possible. I try to eat, but if I go anywhere (like to doctor’s appts), that’s a couple hours I’m not eating. If I’m feeling really tired and take a nap, more time away from eating. I have to literally sit for most of the day and force food down my throat just to get to 1500 calories. Most of the time, I’m closer to 1000-1200 calories, which means I still lose weight. Argh!

    Its definitely not a lazy thing. And for sure, its not an anorexia thing, which is what one of my docs tried to suggest. That really made me angry, because I have NEVER been anorexic. I LOVE food (or did until all of this), and even now, I would love to be able to eat all I can. I’m just not able. And I have so little energy for cooking, that it is difficult to make lunches or breakfasts, because I’m home by myself during the day. My husband cooks dinner at night, healthy dinners, so that is good, but the rest of the day is difficult.

    What craziness this stuff brings into our lives…
  8. harmony21

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    thank you so much everyone Iam so glad you are in that place as well and I have company

    Iam just so happy on all the comments you guys have made, its validated my thoughs exactly

    Iam so tired now I cant even respond properly and tomorrow Iam going with my friend to have her second dose of chemo

    I know it will be hard on me but my doctor isnt validating that either she says it will be good for me to see others and chatting to them..... Man I cant believe the change my husband reckons she hs got to a point where she doesnt know what to do anymore

    Oh well I will do what i can and remember iam blessed having you guys to come to

    Iam not replying individualy cause i cant remember the names and what was said by whom, sorry

    angel hugs