doctor search in Southeast, PA?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KMD90603, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. KMD90603

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    I live in the Lehigh Valley area, and I'm looking for a good CFS doctor. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm currently seeing an infectious disease doctor, but he's not really doing a whole lot for me. I'll go to him telling him how bad I'm feeling and that I'm still running fevers, and he says he doesn't want to run any more tests.

    I mean, COME ON!! It's not normal to run fevers all the time. I just think there's more he could be doing for me. I looked into the Philadelphia FFC, but I just don't think I can afford it. I have an HMO and they will not pay for it. Also, they won't pay for the bloodwork, even though Quest is the lab I always go to.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Gentle hugs,
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    But bumping this up in the hopes someone else does!
  3. jjdg

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    my sister lives in Center Valley,and my mom in Doylestown,i always hid on the floor when i was a kid going thru the tunnel! I also rember one time after we had gotten home that an airplane had crashed into the MT.I lived in Bucks County and Potter County,and went to school in Mackeen County.My sisters and mom swear by the Leigh Valley hospital.have you checked out the doc's there? Good luck,i know if i want to see a rheumy i have to travel a ways which is'nt so comfortable,and i don't ouw a car that wopuld make it.
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    I have an hmo also. I went through the steps of trying to get a letter of necessity from my primary and the insurance company denied it.

    However, I was able to have my primary doctor write a script for all of the tests and the insurance paid for them. It can be risky though.

    I am now considering taking the test results to an infectious doctor and an immunologist so that the insurance will cover it.

    I have 2 viral and 2 bacterial infections. I also have candida. I have been going to the FFC since March- the program takes time. I think that I will get the referral to the infectious disease doctor first and then see what he says about the treatment as well as the test results. If he is in agreement with the protocol, then I might switch, but I won't switch until I find out what the antibiotic protocol is.

    Good luck.

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