doctor update-parvo and deficient natural killer cells

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    hey y'all

    i just wanted to give an update. no particular questions but wanted to share in case in might help or spark a good thread.

    so i returned from the docter today. He told me that parvo is my real problem right now. my titers are still very high.
    which is causing my pleurisy also.

    Second subclasses of immunity is deficient along with my natural killer cell levels. B12 wasn't deficient, but low, so I got a shot. yeah! power up! haha

    plus a recent HHV6 infection. yummy

    so I have things to take now to get me better, and if that doesn't work I may be getting gamma globulin.

    I still have some bowel inflammation, but the castor oil packs seem to help with that.

    For the first time since getting sick, I feel like I am really being taken care of and my disabling fatigue etc. is being treated like the disability it is. it feels good, although I didn't know my immunity was sucking so bad,

    coming to this board helped me so much. everybody encouraged me to be brave and to try and find a good doctor. thanks so much!!
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    hi david, how are the gamma globulin injections going? do you feel some improvement?

    I don't know alot about parvo except that for the most part it causes infections that aren't serious and that go away-its more common in children and about 95% of the population have antibodies to it. sometimes, like in my case, the infection is serious and causes joint and muscle pain. it can range from mild to extreme pain. my doctor has also said that some medical papers are claiming it to be a cause of chronic fatigue syndrome. or that it has been shown to cause it. its called parvo because it is an extremely small virus, taken from the greek "parvus" meaning "small"

    thats the gist of what I know so far. not a whole lot really, I know that the gamma globulin is supposed to be the only known treatment for it so far.

    Im seeing dr. mazlen right now in floral park. he is great!
    thorough and up on his stuff concerning cfs. takes time to listen and to go over tests results etc. wahoo!
    keep in touch-let me know how your treatment is going

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    Hi! What were your symptoms of parvo? - I hope you don't mind me asking. I get congestion in my throat area that is similar to bronchitis, and I joked with my doctor that it might be Parvovirus. Dogs are inoculated for it (I have a dog LOL). After reading your post, I googled Parvo. Here's one thing I came up with from Mayo:

    Doctors today refer to it as parvovirus infection. Parents may call it slapped-cheek disease because of the face rash that develops resembling slap marks. It's also called erythema infectiosum. But historically, it was called fifth disease, because it was fifth of a group of once common childhood diseases that all had similar rashes as a sign. The other four are measles, rubella, scarlet fever and Dukes' disease.

    Whatever the name, it's still a common but mild infection in children that generally requires little treatment. However, parvovirus infection in some pregnant women can lead to serious health problems for the fetus. Parvovirus infection is also more serious for adults with some kinds of anemia or who have a compromised immune system.****

    Hmmmm so it's nothing to joke about. I hope you feel well asap. I never had a low B12 serum, but I was on B12 shots for years, and they did miracles. I don't need them now, luckily. My energy levels are much better, but my body still doesn't want to move much.

    May I ask a personal question? How do you use those castor oil packs???

    I'm so glad that you have a doctor you feel extremely comfortable with. That's half the battle!!!


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    I only recently discovered I had parvo (april) I had never been tested for it in all my 5 years of cfs until now.

    it basically feels like mono or a flu from hell. the most distinguishing features are joint pain. My knees and wrists and fingers either ache or feel arthritic. I know that there are two types of parvo- the dog and cat kind, and the human kind.

    the castor oil pack is this: you soak a flannel cloth in castor oil until its saturated- the you heat it up on a heating pad (cover off of course) then you place it on the right side of your body between your sternum and navel. it should wrap around your back a little to. its an edgar cayce remedy and I've used it alot. it can get a little sticky and messy, but I always have more energy after I do it. its supposed to help you get rid of your toxins.

    thanks for posting your encouragement! since getting that B12 shot I am able to fall asleep without taking melatonin.I wish they didn't hurt so much though- since getting cfs, my pain threshold is really low.

    take care!