Doctor visit yesterday....need advice please!

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    I went to the Dr. yesterday and she pretty much said "There's not much we can do for you." All she wants me to do is take amitryptaline/Elavil. Beyond that she "doesn't know what to do with me". I don't want to take any medicine that is likely to make me more drowsy (I also take seizure meds and an anti-anxiety med). She said that physical therpay and massage might be too difficult for me, but that I should exercise on my own. ? How am I supposed to deal with this? The only real solution that she had was that maybe I should go back on the pill so that I won't have such bad hormonal swings which seem to make the pain worse every month. I've already been to the only rheumatologist that she can refer me to under my insurance, and that Dr. was even worse. I can't afford to go out of my plan, and I just don't know what to do!!!
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    I'm sorry you had a bad visit with the doc. I am currently stumped as to where to find a doc also. The only rheumies in my town are not under my insurance. So I've been thinking about maybe finding one in a different town. Maybe you could do the same?
    I'm also thinking of joining a club to do some swimming. That's pretty low impact, you can do it at your own pace, and I hear it's pretty much the best excercise for FM.
    Well, good luck
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    About our illnesses is one who immediately writes a prescription for Elavil. "Worst Pills Best Pills" says this is the worst of the tricyclic meds. I don't know why it is so popular with docs except that the company who manufactures it must have a larger marketing budget.

    I doubt that the doc told you one of the side effects of Elavil can be rapid weight gain. The same is true for Flexeril, a muscle relaxant in the same family of drugs.

    Find a doc who knows something about our illnesses and can give you a more comprehensive treatment plan.

    Love, Mikie
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    I am seeing a rhuemy that is supposed to be "up" on all the new illnesses out there and I think he's beginning to show his true colors the more I see him. He suggested Elavil and said yes, it can cause weight gain but most people only see 1 to 2 pounds! That's not what I've read!! AND, he keeps wanting to try different anti-inflammatories when one doesn't work. I continue to try them, thinking well, maybe this one will but they never do. HMMM, wonder WHY?! Maybe because I don't have an inflammatory disease?! Anyway, thought what you said was interesting.
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    Antiinflammtories do not work for fibro because we have no inflammation of our muscles. It is amazing to me that drs. keep trying to shove them down our throats. I think it is because they know nothing else to give us and don't like going the narcotic route. Most of us take a good antidepressant, something for sleep (trazadone is great) and something for pain. For other symptoms you might need more meds. Have you considered seeing a pain specialist? Toots
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    My doctor told me the same thing--over eight years ago. I think it was the most kindest, honest things I could be told. He did not have a cure. He could treat my symptms, but that would probably worsen my problem. What he said caused me to research my disease and I found alternative medicine. I found a naturopathic physician, an accupuncture physician, a macrobiotic counselor, a mental health counselor and fellow recoverers that told me what they were doing that were more well than I was.

    I would not have discovered this whole other world of medicine had my Dr. not told me that there was nothing he could do to help me.

    At the time, I just cried and felt totally helpless, but today I am fully functioning. It was a hard road and you are only at the beginning. Please keep reaching out to others for support and reach within yourself for healing. There is no magic pill or cure. It's a long, hard road, but there is alternative medicine available, thank goodness!
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    I have had FM and CFS for 8 years now and I still haven't fond any thing that works well. I can say that when this all started my sleep cycle was a mess.I would sleep for 45 min. then awake for 15 min.I was so fatigued I could not function well.The doctor put me on amitryptaline and that did the trick.After about 4 to 6 monts I was back in my normal cyle of sleep and I then quit taking it and I am much better now. I do have problems sleeping because of the pain in my shoulders and elbows but I am not waking as much as I did.If anyone can recomend anything for the pain in my shoulders and elbows I sure would like to here frm you. Hng in there we are all with you.
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    is highly prescribed because it's cheap for insurance carriers to pay for. The pharmaceutical reps that come around to doctors offices are pushing all of their drugs that are 'formulary', which means insurance companies will pay for it. Also, insurance companies obviously like it if the cheapest drugs are prescribed & the patient is paying the same co-pay.

    Some of the cheapest drugs can be the best drugs, so don't count them all out. You have to do your own research. dolsgirl

    Also, regarding Elavil AKA amitryptiline, I gained 30 pounds while on it. I know many patients that did also. dolsgirl[This Message was Edited on 01/18/2003]