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    Just relocated to Lima, OH. Any known doctors around here to treat my fibro?? The Dr. I had was really great and gave me the name and ph# of one here in Lima, BUT..... he's no longer here!! HELP!! I need to find one who will refill all of my prescripts and who will recognize this condition, as I am already using a walker. Also, next week I go to Psychologist here in Lima for Social Security. Any one know what I can expect??
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    I don't know about Lima, but the doctor I went to in Sidney, Ohio was the one that diagnosed me. So if you want to drive about 40 minutes south on I75 this doctor is really good. His name is Bruce Urbanc,DO. His office is on Fairington Drive. Good luck.
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    I've seen Dr. Hobayan, a rheumatologist. Dr. Stinecker is an infectious disease doctor. You might check the phone book for their numbers and call to see if they can help you. I see Stinecker next Tuesday. I liked Dr. H, but her help was rude. Good luck. Welcome to the area. Jslady
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    Haven't been here for a few days but wanted to give you a great big THANKS for the Drs. names. I will check them out & see what they can do for me. Thanks again!!!!!!