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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by msainz1551, Oct 13, 2005.

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    I would like someone with experience in CFS/FM to tell me if pain I'm suffering after a fall in the office could still be felt since December 1, 2004.

    I fell in the office on November 30, 2004. Right away I did not have any pain at all, but after a few hours, my trigger points were up. I had pain in my lower back, neck, shoulders, left arm, left leg, and some other parts of my body. I am having pain since then. My neck most of the time feels stiffed along with pain on my shoulders.

    I filled out a Workers' Compensation clain and it was denied stating that they did not see any relation between my fall and the pain I'm experiencing.

    What can I do. The doctor did not send any diagnosis regarding this to the Office of Workers' Compensation. I only had the opportunity to see a Neurologist who failed to send a diagnosis, and the office manager at that doctor's office won't allow me to see the doctor again.

    Could I get any reference regarding a book in which this is described that I can use to write to this Office of Workers' Compensation???? Marusa
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    I've been thru a couple workman's comp. claims and I can tell you from experence, don't go it alone.
    Get an attorney that handles w/c claims. Go to several attorneys, they seam to all have different opinions. Attorneys that handle w/c don't charge you for taking the case, cause they get a percentage of what your entitled.
    A fall can cause problems latter that don't show up at the time of your fall.

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