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    I've noticed that almost everyone here with the classic CFS symptoms (not sure about FM) either used to work in the medical profession and/or exercise a lot. It's uncanny really.

    (It also makes sense of all the anecdotal type-a personlaity buzz, b/c having a type-a personality would certainly put you at risk for being a doctor or for exercising.)

    Does anyone have any clue how these two factors might complement themselves in yielding CFS? Is this seen in any other condition? Is there anything to learn about CFS from this?
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    have noticed v. few docs, but TONS of nurses.. and of course there are more women nurses than female docs and females are more prone to this illness.

    Maybe they have lowered immunity? Dunno.

    anyway: i think the connection with athletes is that athletes have low glutathione and low glutathione is one fo the predisposing factors per Rich Van Konyenburg.

    See the post. CFS,stress and methylation protocol for an explanation of that.
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    into the glutathione research, as I'm ignorant about it now; his presentation on the pheonix-cfs site does look like it accounts for working in medical profession & exercise in light of *everything* else CFSrelated. I'll try showing it to my dr.

    & it'd make sense for there to be more nurses due to both longer shifts & high risk of exposures
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    Rich Van K is on the board..check out all the methylation threads.
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    My speculations: I recently read a book about the immune system and it talks about how overexercise (not the person who does aerobics 3x/wk but the marathoner, competitive swimmer,etc.) can actually lead to lower NK cell count and depress other parts of the immune system.

    Women tend to have a more vulnerable immune system perhaps because female immune systems have to be a little depressed in order to accomodate preganancy. Otherwise, our immune system might attack the baby (dad's genes are foreign).

    Finally, people in health care probably face a lot more viruses, bacteria, etc. and perhaps from always having to fight these may have a weaker immune system.
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    As for those in healthcare fields,,, arent they generally pushed to get vaccines on a regular basis? Do they have a higher confidence level in vaccines and are willing to get them? Could play into it.

    As for the athletic, or "Type As" when the body is stressed, (from toxins, chemicals, allergies, viruses, psychological, whatever), the adrenal hormones (like cortisol and adrenalin goes into overdrive. This can go on for YEARS, giving one the false appearance of super duper endurance and accomplishments. Eventually, we run out of these adrenal hormones, and numerous other hormones suffer along with it,when everything starts to go to hell, and we just go the other extreme turning into low functioning slugs. Just a thought.

    Also, exposure to certain chemicals, like Organophosphates, will cause an overstimulation of the nervous system, which could "appear" to be super duper energy, activity (like hyperactivity) but as an adult, maybe better able to channel the endless energy into constructive accomplishmnets. Overtime, about 10-20 years, the poisons do their damage to neurons and increasing debility takes its' toll.