Doctors and diagnosing FM & CFS together

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    I was diagnosed with fibro and few months ago. When the doc asked if pain was worse than fatigue, it took me a minute to think. I was in a flare that day, so fibro won out. I do experience major fatigue, swollen glands (none of my doctors have an explanation for the glands swelling in my neck an chin, vacant look in their eyes when I mention this symptom!) , etc., etc. How does your doctor differentiate between the two?

    Many here seem to have both and I am very interested in their doctor's decision making. My thinking, is some doctors diagnose one or the other, and don't concern themselves about both because of some of the similarities? What do you think?

    This might not be very clear......mind is foggy, cognitive skills off!

    Hugs to all,

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    Hi Kim,

    Some Docs haven`t a clue how the body really works...

    Your system is so out of sinc, the liver is under stress and can`t eliminate all the toxicicity, so toxins accumulate in blood & glands.

    The pain is lactic acid in the muscles. Your cells are starved of oxygen and haven`t the fluidity of full movement in clensing themselves.

    Best place to start is by drinking 6 - 8 glasses of water a day, with a pinch of pure unrefined Sea or Rock Salt added.
    You need 1/4 tsp of this salt a day in total.

    Next is Flaxseed Oil, 1 tbsp twice a day with food.

    Also, Bromelain to help clear the clogged up blood, and drink water with lemon to help flush through.

    This will help your body to heal itself, there`s a long way to go, but is the starting point.

    Love Pat.

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    I think Pat gave you excellent advise Kim. I just wanted to add that in my experience that overwhelming fatigue was adrenal insuffiency. If you can get your adrenals &/or thyroid problems balanced out properly it is a great help to your system.

    I have came to the point in my walk down this road that if I can find help to treat the symptoms and feel better I am better off than worrying about labels. LOL.

    Doctors seem so confused about whether we have CFIDS, FM, Hypothyroidism, Candida, etc. Some don't seem to know what is going on if you ask me. They all have different agendas it seems. It is very confusing!

    I like the way Pat just finds the best natural help to heal our bodies and go for it. It works for me! It sure beats covering up our symptoms with drugs. Although I want to add I know some people here have no choice at the moment as they are so miserable and need relief. I just hope everyone can find the right combination of natural healing remedies to help their bodies restore and become well. Hoping those that are on drugs can someday be free from them. Hope I never have to be on them but if I do I will look to those with experience to help guide me. There are so many kind, helpful & knowledgeable people here it is a wonderful board of counselors.

    Hope you have good responses to Pat's suggestions if/when you try them.

    My best to you,
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    Pat and Celtic,

    I appreciate your comments and suggestions. I am interested in the 'natural' treatments, also. I've started taking quite a few supplements since being diagnosed. Sometimes, they have worked much better than prescribed meds or at least, as well.

    One of my major complaints are horrid leg cramps/spasms. I take calcium, magnesium, msm, malic acid, and valerian, ZMA, and melatonin for sleep. There are still some prescribed meds I have to take. I am my own 'walking, talking' pharmacy!

    Does the sea salt in water help with leg cramps also? I'm sorry, can't remember if that was in the post or not!

    Thank you both for your input and suggestions.