Doctors and Disabilityinput please?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by achingbytch, Feb 15, 2007.

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    hi Everyone:
    I saw my family DR. this morning. I brought a drafted letter asking for accomodations because of severe FM. I did the work for him. I also had to get scripts because the insurance company no longer sends certain meds thru mail order! Aint th at sweet? Sick, need meds? drag yourself to your pharmacy and then wait for your refund. Excuse me for being ungrateful, I do have insurance.
    Dr. tells me I REALLY should get a letter from a rhuematologist as its stronger than from him. I reminded him he's the one writing my meds, and he's writing them for FM. The rhuematologist he referred me to had only one protocol which was to prescribe ELAVIL which he explained was taken in tiny doses and 'seemed' to work for FM.I dont think so, said thank you and left.
    Dr. decided to write a letter and told secretary what to write. I also gave her my draft which she was happy to use in place of what he mumbled to her, but I told her just to read thru it and understand what I was asking.
    Question: If DR. is wishy washy about standing up for in terms of work accomodations, how am I going to count on him for DISABILITY and serious long term conversations with lawyers etc?
    Question: A couple of people have suggested I see Dr. Susan Levine in NYC where I'm located. Has anyone had experience with her in terms of disability?
    Question: Can anyone recommend a lawyer in NYC who has experience with FM cases? I also have spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease.
    THANK YOU ALL for any bits of help you can share.
  2. froggyfog

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    was the one to write my letter for time off from work as needed for FM. But when I brought up disability his nurse said he just submits what they ask and that my primary needed to handle that portion. So heck if I know...I think it may just depend on the doctor. It would be interesting to know how everyones doctors and Rheum handle their letters.
  3. TKE

    TKE New Member

    I filed for SSD, got denied & then got a lawyer. My lawyer has been great at suggesting what doctors I see. She knows which ones will work with me/her on disability. Perhaps you can locate a lawyer & ask for help in locating the docs you need to see that will help you in the end.

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