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    Hi all,

    I read the boards everyday, although I don't post very much. I amazed at all of you and how well you do and how you cope with this DD.

    10 yrs ago I was diagnosed with CFS. I had gotten mono and I didn't know that I had it and worked two jobs, went to school full time and dancing school twice a week. I went on for months until I couldn't function anymore. Needless to say that I wore myself down so much, that I never recovered and was diagnosed with the CFS. I was 19 at the time. The doctor offered me anti depressants to deal with it but I refused. I didn't feel comfortable with that and I decided to manage my illness on my own. Which I did. Over the last year and a half I would experience times when I would get this horrible pain in my legs. It was a pain and achy sort of restless feeling. Then it started in my arms. One day I was walking my dogs and I bent down and when I came back up I hit my head full force on a crossing metal sign. I didn't knock myself out but I was in pain. The next week the horrible pain started in my arms, neck and legs.
    Long story short 3 doctors diagnosed me with Fibro. I accepted this at first. But one pain mgmt doctor that a friend goes to said I should go to a Neurologist. When I went for the results of the brain MRI and the EMG's and blood test, right away she said Fibro. She gave me not one result of any of the tests. So finally I said to her, so from all the results of the tests, was there anything that stood out. Her response- No it's all fine. So right away as the previous two are some anti depressants. I told her no I didn't feel comfortable with that. So right to the anti seizure med. Specifically Topomax. I wasn't thrilled with this but said I would try it. I did twice. Broke out in a rash and had trouble breathing. So I was allergic. She said to stop taking it and to come back in a month. Enough of that. I went to a pain mgmt doctor. So I had my neuro send the info over to this doc. I meet with this doctor and again before even and exam he starts in with anti depressants and anti seizure meds. I told him I had taken Lyrica and Topomax I was allergic to. Both meds gave me more pain. I tell him this. I knew the next would be Neurotin. Which is basically the same as Lyrica. So he says try Lyrica again. (keep in mind this is before he looks at my records and before he examines me.) I said Lyrica increased my pain and was making me gain weight. I said to him if you think gaining 50 lbs is going to make me feel better...I'd tend to think not. So finally he examines me and then looks at my test results. He says well your EMG shows some nerve damage on the lefts side and perhaps a pinched nerve or slipped disk on the right side of your back. So I said..What?? The neuro didn't tell me this. So he said yeah and if its in your back it can definitely be affecting your legs. So he sent me for an MRI of my back now. I will get the resuls on Thursday.

    And I wanted to let you all know that because of you and reading your stories...I might have gotten on to the path to recovery...but not from Fibro at all. I read your posts every day and I said to my many of these people are so very sick. If I had Fibro wouldn't I be worse off than I am? I have no problem going out for an afternoon or doing my job. I mean there are the occasional times when I ache and so very tired. But I've learned to deal with that from the CFS. So if I have been suffering and in pain since before Thanksgiving, couldn't that be setting off my CFS? Yes, I think so. What makes me mad about this, is these doctors. They heard CFS so automatically I have Fibromyalgia. Here take some anti depressants and seizure medication and see ya in a month! Now I might not even have that at all and I'm taking all these crazy medicines that are making me worse! This is nuts. How many doctors do you have to go to before you find one that takes the time to do the research? It's really frustrating and disheartening.

    But I want to thank all of you for helping me out indirectly. And thank you for reading my post! I wish you all find the thing that you need to cure you of all of your ailments!
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    I too HATE that the Drs. always try to shove ADs down our throats!! Along with the Lyrica. I've been to many drs....ALL kinds of Drs. and you are right that's ALWAYS their 1st suggestion. It's MADDENING!!

    I finally have a decent dr......although she trys that approach too, when I 1st started seeing her, then again this past December.

    She NOW knows I will NOT take ADs- they make me worse! Neurontin & Narcotics work best for me. I would NOT be functioning without the Narcotics....I know they aren't good for people either, but w/o them I'd be bundled up in a ball of pain & misery!

    I'm SO GLAD that you FINALLY got a Dr. to take the time to go over your records and truly try to HELP you!! Good luck in your recovery!
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