Doctor's appointment didn't go so well and my entire pill combo is off!"

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    It seems like everything I do aggravates some other condition, and it's driving me NUTZ! I have had fibro for 10 years. The along came Type 2 diabetes, and about 4 years ago, portal hypertenstion, liver and gallbladder disease. This balancing act is like trying to juggle chain saws. And now I am getting severe osteoarthritis in my knees, hips and feet, plus spinal stenosis. I can't take NSAIDS or opiods for pain, because they will cause liver damage and gallstones. The orthopedic doctor wants to do Synvisc, but I am taking a diuretic and gall bladder medication. He suggested knee replacement. But my platelets are very low for a general type surgery. Steroids make my sugar go crazy, the hyaluronic capsules can cause gallstones, and now he wants me to lose weight. I'm okay with that, I should lose weight. But right now my knee cartilage is gone and it's bone scraping against bone. I am not sure how losing weight is going to end that problem with knee replacement surgery.

    Sorry to be so long winded, but sometimes it just seems like such a trade-off to try and feel good again. I just wonder if there is a safe and effective diet. I do try and watch what I eat and exercise as much as possible, but some days just getting out of bed is an exercise in itself.
    I am optimistic and love the work I do. But sometimes it really gets hard too.

    Thanks for letting me vent!


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    Wow, you do have a lot going on. As far as diet is concerned, yeah, there's a very safe and effective diet which allowed me to lose 45 pounds over 6 years (I can't exercise at all due to CFS so have to watch everything I put in my mouth). It's more just a way of eating, rather than a diet, and here's what worked for me (and others):

    1. Cut out all white flour, white bread, white pasta, sugar, white rice, white potatoes, almost all "white" food, it's basically empty calories (cauliflower of course is ok) that pack on the pounds and raise blood sugar

    2. Eat protein with each meal, moderate carbs, almost all the vegies you want and fruit in moderation. e.g., for breakfast I had 2 boiled eggs and one piece of sprouted whole grain bread from Trader Joe's - it's really good bread, but I only eat around 3 slices a week. Other mornings I'll have plain yogurt with fresh fruit ground flaxseed, and maybe add some whey protein powder - it's filling.

    For lunch I will have chicken or tuna or cheese (or leftover meat of any kind) maybe with a big salad, and a whole grain cracker. For dressing I use olive oil and vinegar. So as big a salad as I want with the protein added.

    For dinner, more protein, plus one or two vegies, and brown rice once in awhile, or whole grain crackers. When I am not feeling well or am too tired to cook, will have a can of chile for dinner.

    for snacks in between meals I generally will have a handful of almonds or a piece of string cheese, maybe some fruit - but no chips, pretzels etc.

    And one of the most important things is no eating after dinner (no dessert of course). I used to have popcorn at night, but eating after dinner is one the worst things you can do when trying to lose weight.

    It's good to have protein bars on hand, sometimes I will have one for breakfast (but watch the sugar content, some are quite high in sugar)

    And be sure to drink enough water. I learned awhile ago that sometimes thirst gets confused with hunger signals.

    Adding lemon juice to your water will help your liver and your gallbladder.

    I don't know what medication you're on for your gallbladder, but you can do an awful lot for gallbladder health with diet. You may be low in stomach acid, which is very common wtih CFS, and which can cause gallbladder and other digestive problems. I used to have an inflamed gallbladder which pretty much cleared up after I started taking hydrochloric acid with meals (actually about 1/2 an hour before eating). AF Betafood by Standard Process (a nutritonal supplement) helped tremendously also when my GB was inflamed. This also helped my liver.

    You might try magnesium oil on your aching joints - it can really help a lot, depending on what is going on.

    Take care -


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