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    I have my 1st dr. appt. Friday after being dx'ed in Dec.17th what kind of things should I be asking him? I do have a small list of a few things to ask him, that is if I don't forgrt to take it with me. My husband is going to go with me, I told him I need him to go because I forget or can't remember or comprehind what he says it just doesn't sink in like it should.
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    You didn't give me much to go on, but I'll give it a try. I usually begin with my biggest problems. Since you were just dx'd last month I imagine you still have some areas that could use improvement, like sleep, pain, to name a couple.

    I also let my doc know how I've reacted to any new meds I've tried. In addition I usually ask about different supplements, although I'm at about my limit for now on them.

    I start making notes a week or two before my appointment and then keep adding to it over the days until my appointment. I print it out the night before my appointment and put it in my purse so I won't forget it.

    You may want to take paper to write things down. My doc makes a computer printout of my complete med list and anything he wants me to try or change in what I'm already doing. Without that I'd be clueless!