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    Well my Rhumey says she is leaning towards a Lupus diagnoses, but told me it is hard to diagnose since I have some symptoms of it but none that are predominant to say yes this is what it is. If its not Lupus then she will go with the Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder. But she feels I am having more of the symptoms of Lupus. As I have the butterfly rash that comes and goes and several other signs on top of the FMS. She is hoping since I have shown improvement since being on the Plaquenil that it will stay mild. I still have flare ups but I guess that is normal with these diagnoses. This has all been so confusing, but I am keeping strong and my Faith is also strong and I know that no matter what happens God will be there for me.
    And I can always come here and find support.
    Some of the people around me don't realize how serious this all can be. Not that I want sympathy but since I don't look sick than its like they feel I am lying, They look at me like I am so full of it. I know a lot of you have experienced this. It's just hard to get past sometimes and not feel resentment. Then when one of them try to tell me about something regarding their health I almost want to ignore them. But I try to be the good person and not do that. I wish more people would understand all this. I have a couple of good friends who have been very understanding,but even my mom doesn't get it she acts like it is nothing.
    Its just so frustrating at times but at least now I have some answers from my doctor.
    I am so sorry this is so long. I guess I just needed to get some of this off my chest..
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    I am going thru almost the same thing..I went for my doc's appt. yesterday and posted about it..He thinks Lupus and is getting me an appointment with another rheumy..The first rheumy I saw was 4 years ago and didn't do any labs and or anything
    but look at me and said "your hair is thin and you have osteoarthritis...and no returns follow up or anything..My GP doc was disappointed in him and so was I. So I have just been seeing my regular doc and all along he still keeps leaning toward lupus..but wants some help from a good rheumy..

    My labs are abnormal and he says he is sure I am an autoiummne disease and I too have developed a rash and other symptoms..

    I stay in a doubting mode with this DD a lot so maybe finally I will have a definite Dx..then again I might be back to sq. one..I told my gp I just wanted to know what I was dealing with so I could deal and he agreeded and he would work with me.

    I can relate to what you are saying and good luck to you..please keep us posted on what you find out...

    God Bless,
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    what you mean by doubt a diagnoses. I am glad that I did, because my first Rhumey tried to say I had Sjogrens but I knew there was something more to it. And I don't have the classice dry eyes and dry mouth that shows up in SS. And my GP didn't agree either. So I am now onto my 3rd Rhumey and she seems to actually want to find out what it all is. And she feels it is something more than SS, hence the current dx. So keep trying, if it doesn't feel right get another opinion. Best wishes and I will keep everyone posted on how I am doing.
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