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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by judd02, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. judd02

    judd02 New Member

    I know it is frustrating to go to doctors. They really aren't trained to help with FMS and CFS.
    I live in a small town in Utah and I am lucky enough to have a General Practitioner whose mother had FMS. He listens to me and tries very hard to do the right thing.
    I have found several supplements that have helped me,(Tumeric for inflammation; Glucosamine; etc.) along with a Hot tub (my best friend), and a wonderful chiropractor that is trained in the Palmer method. He helps me so much.
    If you can find a Palmer chiropractor it is money well spent. The relief that I get is unbelievable! I used to be on all kinds of medication and sleep aids. Now I take an Aleve in the morning and one at night with 1/2 of a Trazadone. That's it.

    Good luck to you all
  2. rosemarie

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    I also live in northern Utah Logan, I also have a gp who is not willing to give me a months worth of narcotic pain meds. But he would maybe give me Lortabs and perocet. Both are much less in stregnth. But if it would make him feel better and let me drive i would do it. I really wish that there was a pain doctor in Logan who treats pain with pain meds, we have one pain doctor but he does nost use pain meds at all. I have tried so many different treatments that have not worked that I dont' want to go that way again. I have tried injections in my knee's wich made me unable to walk for weeks after and my pain was worse not only in my knee's but all over due to the stress and sharp pain that came with the injection. I want to lose weight and have a member ship with a gym and even can use a trainer to find me the best program built for me. But if I can't drive I am up a creek, that is why I need to find a doctor who is close that treats pain patients with meds. checks on them monthly. Yes when the doctor now said I didn't have to be seen monthly as he felt there was nothing more he could do I smiled and was thrilled at not having to pay $ 35 a month in copays for a 5-`10 minute talk, that he would talk and I would not. I have been to pain doctors adn followed their rules to the letter, filled my scripts every 28-30 days. to not run out of my meds as it could make me sick, we talked about how I felt abot driveing, what to do if I suddenly was over whilmed with pain or fatique , Pull over and stop car till it passed or flag down a phone as I don't own a cell phone. I know that if I could get some pt massage or some of the othere treatmetns I may need less meds. If I could lose weight I would need less pain meds asa for each pound i lose my joint pressure drops 4 lbs psi and as it gets less and less the less meds I will need, but this will not happen over night. but i am willing to try if my doctor would give me a chance. I am so frustreated now , I don't know any more if fibro and cmp are one and the same problem. do you know?
    Thanks for your time.
  3. judd02

    judd02 New Member

    I live in the Provo area.
    I can ask my chiropractor if he knows of any Palmer chiropractors up in your area.
    If you can get to a hot tub, or if you can do some warm water therapy, that does a world of good. I think it is the relaxation and the jets working on your joints and muscles that help as much as the warm water. My doctor wrote a letter to explain why I needed the hot tub therapy. My insurance company would pay nothing, so I wrote the entire amount off on my taxes last year. Maybe if you have a heated swimming pool close by, but it needs to be really warm.
    Meditation helps a lot with pain. You can't believe how much it helps! Some people do yoga. They swear by it!
    You should do everything that you can to get OFF the strong meds. I believe over the long haul, they do more harm than good.
    Your body can heal itself. You just have to find the right combination of supplements that help with the inflammation and pain.
    Make sure that you are getting really good, restful sleep at night. If you don't sleep - you hurt.
    Another thing that I found helpful - is moderate exercise. I tried walking and got up to 3 miles a day. I got so sick I couldn't function. We bought a nice stationary bike. It is awesome! We got the style that sits down low so it doesn't hurt your back when you ride. I can use the bike and get my exercise at my own rate and it doesn't hurt the joints. I actually lost 25 lbs! To tell the truth, when I started out, I could only do it for 2 minutes without hurting. I worked up a minute at a time until I was going 10 miles.
    Another thing I tried and it worked - instead of thinking how bad you hurt and how awful you feel - replace it with all the positive things that happen throughout the day. Oprah talked about keeping a "glad journal". Positive thoughts help so much.

    I know that these are simple things, but they really do work.

    Good luck
  4. Saoirse3

    Saoirse3 Member

    I had my first appointment yesterday and screeched like a cat caught under a rocking chair. But then I felt better right away! The only thing that concerns me a little is that he "doesn't believe" in FMS and thinks I should be on a megadose of Vitamin D. I am a little worried about that because I have liver disease. But I have to say that I slept better last night than I have in MONTHS!

    Medicare is REALLY fussy about paying for a chiropractor and I don't understand this. When I first went to the Spine Center in Anchorage they did this EXTREMELY painful epidural procedure where they used electricity to BURN off some of my nerve endings. They gave me nothing for pain and I suddenly could relate to the Civil War amputees! But the thing that REALLY got to me was that Medicare paid $60 grand for that without a single question! But something that REALLY helps - they will pay for 12 visits and that's the end.

    Not sure what can be done about this, and if you have any suggestions, I would welcome them!

    Thanks so much!
  5. judd02

    judd02 New Member

    I am very excited that you found a chiropractor!!!! I think that's great!!

    I'm sorry that he doesn't "believe in" FMS. But, it doesn't really matter whether he does or not. He will still treat you and you will get great benefits from it. You do not have to take any medications or supplements that he recommends either. This is America! You have the last word on what you do for your body. Richard tells me to drink lots of water and stay hydrated, it has a lot to do with muscles doing their job well.

    When Richard is working on me, he always asks if he is being too rough, or putting too much pressure, etc. So don't be afraid to tell him to back off a little. He shouldn't be offended. He's working on nerve endings and muscles, etc. and that's where you hurt the most.

    Since you have only 12 visits that Medicare will pay - ask him what his cash price is. Richard charges 35.00 for people who don't have insurance, and that is actually what my co-pay is with my insurance plan. If the procedures are helping you, and he knows your situation, he might give you a break - after all, it's good advertisement for you to be getting the relief and if you pass the word, the more new patients he will get. I've referred several people to my chiro and they love him just as much as I do.

    Another hint I have - if you can do some warm water therapy after the treatment, maybe before you go to bed at night, Ahhhhh, it's the best. It just helps to relax the muscles so much, plus it helps you sleep better.

    I'm happy for you. I'm glad you are getting some relief. The body will heal itself. You just have to give it a chance.


  6. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    There is a reason that medicare won't pay as much for chiropractors. They are not medical doctors and research has shown that about the only condition they help is lower back pain.

    A good physical therapist has much better training.

    I know people who swear by chiropractors but I would never go to one.

    The procedure you had that was covered is a medical procedure backed by science based medicine.

    I am always leery of doctor's who do not take insurance. This can be a big red flag for woo medicine.

    Take care.


    Someone mentioned seeing a pain doctor. Good plan as specialist have more time to see patients. But like PCPs they vary so ask around. Sorry can't remember who said this but have been dealing with major FM fog, yadda, yadda, same old, same old, for the last six weeks.

    I had a very good experience with a Physical Therapist who only treats people with FM.

    It's such a problem getting doctors to small towns, even with incentives. What a shame.[This Message was Edited on 03/18/2011]
  7. LittleBluestem

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    I was once (after an auto accident) seeing both a physical therapist and a chiropractor. It worked very well. My insurance was willing to pay longer on the chiropractor than the physical therapist, maybe because she (the PT) cost more per session. I saw them back to back on the same day and the chiro wanted me to see the PT first because he said the adjustments were easier when my muscles were loosened up.
  8. judd02

    judd02 New Member

    You asked about the difference between chiropractors.
    I've gone to "regular chiros" for 35 years depending on where we have lived. They have helped me in lots of ways, but as my fibro/chronic fatigue got worse, I would go to the chiro, and I would feel so awful and be so sore when I left the office, it was like paying someone to torture me. It would take me several days to get over the pain and discomfort.

    My chiro was diagnosed with cancer and only lived for a few months. So there I was without any treatment.

    My son referred me to Dr. Richard Olsen, a Palmer graduate. He said, "Mom, he's really different than what you are used to, but give him a try."
    From the first visit, I knew that I had found the answer to my pain. He works on the nerves, rather than jerking and popping joints.
    I don't have the vocabulary to explain how it works, but "Trigenics" is part of what he does.
    I have been to a practitioner that uses applied kinesiology, however, pretty much all of what she did was suggest lots of different supplements to use, but they did seem to help when I was taking them.

    I like the trigenics because it helps immediately. I come home and relax and I'm just like a new person.
    Like I told someone earlier, I used to be on a lot of medicine to the point that my kidneys were shutting down. Now I take a few supplements with an Aleve in the morning and one at night with one half of a Trazadone to help with sleep. That's all it takes to manage the pain. Granted, I'm not pain free and probably never will be, but it's manageable now.
  9. ellikers

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    I'm here to echo what gap advocated for: pain specialists. They generally have much better training and understanding of the physical AND psychological effects of chronic pain, and current treatments available.

    You can look up pain specialists online or look for them being referred through organization that focus on chronic pain issues.

    Here's a link to organizations throughout the U.S. These practitioners might be able to help folks in more rural areas find a good practitioner, as close to them as possible:
  10. Janalynn

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    Question for you - several times you have mentioned that your GP will not give you narcotics, however he might give you Lortab or percocet. (as above you said, "both are much less in strength")

    Those are narcotics - Percocet is oxycodone. I guess I"m wondering what kind of meds you are hoping your Dr. will give you. Many GPs won't prescribe anything stronger than what yours will. My GP did prescribe Oxycontin for me because she knew that I needed continual pain management. However, she made it quite clear that if that didn't work, I'd need to see a specialist. Not that she was/is against anything, she just admitted that she isn't as knowledgable and it does take a lot to keep up with all of the regs etc. If you Dr. IS prescribing you Lortabs or Percocet - would he prescribe a long-acting or extended release medication of the same base.

    Is your Dr. wanting you to get some of your other physical issues under control or dealt with? Is that why he is reluctant. (or is he? I can't tell)

    I know you're dealing with many different things going on, your wrist, legs, back, fibro etc. I know it's hard to know what is what, if "this" is caused by "this" etc. It sounds like you might need to eliminate one thing at a time - or treat one thing at time I guess is better worded.

    My Mom is going through lots of physical problems. Her Dr. (LOVE HIM) will only tackle one or two things at a time, otherwise he won't know what is helping what or God forbid, if something is worse, why. If you looked up "Phenomenal Physician" in the phonebook, his name would be listed.

    I wish I could take you to one point person who could manage your care, yet refer you out to others if necessary. I'd be all over this!!!!

    I hope today is better than yesterday and tomorrow is better than today!


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