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    DOCTORS are People too. In 25 yrs I had my share of CRAPPY drs. an I know they treat females like 2nd class citizens. That said. Some drs think they know it all,aome think they are God. Some just don't give a flying fid, there in it for the cash and statuse. Drs get frustrated because they want a 100% cure rate an we stand in there way of that goal, some if they can't fix you its your fault, and some feel frustrated because they just can't help you much with this crud, some afraid of the goverment if they give out to much of certain pain killers.You need to look till you find a Doc who cares, believes, and truely LISTENS and will work with you. The best thing is call and ask DOES THIS DR TREAT FMS AND CFS.
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    you would have heard me bashing practically the entire medical profession - due to bad experiences with docs. I am now seeing 2 wonderful docs, who just might actually be people too! And better than that, I think they realize their patients are too.
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    Yes, we have all seen our fill of crappy docs, but there are some good ones out there too. Keep on looking til y'all find one or two. My rheumy, whom I thought was neither good nor bad but rather uninvolved, has come around 180 degrees since seeing the results of my Guai treatment. I'm his only FMS patient who isn't bugging him constantly for pain meds. He can't believe how much I have improved with the Guai. He's even interested in the Doxy treatment for the mycoplasmas despite the fact that in the beginning, he told me there was no such thing as chronic mycoplasma infection. Sometimes, we just have to be a little patient with our docs and educate them. It'll help their other patients too.

    Love, Mikie
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    Well, I'm still fuming a bit from my visit with the rheumy on Wed. His words keep going thru my head,"What can I do, you walk in here saying that your neck hurts, your back hurts, your hips and knees hurt, and your feet hurt". I wasn't looking for drugs, just for a humane reaction.
    Maybe he has his frustrations, but so do I. I think his bottom line is his $260 every 15 minutes. He chastised me for not being able to priortize what to talk about.
    I don't even understand why I should see a rheumatologist, when this isn't arthritis, and there isn't anything he can do except tell me to exercise.
    Why would they have an interest in seeing people with FM?
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    I told her out of my own mouth that if I ever heard of her treating people the way I've been treated by serveral doctors, that I would kick her butt. She's an OB-GYN. She truly loves her work and i don't think she would ever be cruel to anyone.
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    Thanks for your replys.