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    Hi Everyone.... There's hope on the horizon!! I saw this article and thought I'd post it! How wonderful to know that there are some people out there working on new forms of pain relief!!

    Doctors on Verge of Extreme Pain Relief Discovery
    Lauran Neergaard/Teresa Neumann Reporting (Jan 21, 2006)

    AP Medical writer, Lauran Neergaard, reports on an amazing pain-relief experiment on a dog suffering from bone cancer so bad that he could not place one of his paws on the floor.

    According to the story, the dog's owner was preparing to "lose" his pet, when the "novel" experiment worked, relieving the dog's pain, allowing him to "frolic on all fours" again for several months.

    Although the chemical used -- a "fiery sap from a Moroccan plant" composed of a chemical that makes chili peppers hot -- did nothing to shrink or treat the cancer itself, it seemed to successfully alleviate the pain enough for the dog to resume a normal, more routine dog's life.

    Obviously, the important of this experiment's success rests in the fact that the next step will be human experimentation. According to Neergaard, the dramatic effect in dogs has researchers from the National Institutes of Health preparing to test the chemical in people whose pain from advanced cancer is unrelieved by even the strongest narcotics. The first human study could begin by next year, she said, at the NIH's Bethesda, Md., hospital, and a second study in pain-ridden dogs is slated for this summer at the University of Pennsylvania.

    Reportedly, there is an "urgent quest" for new, novel pain-relief options. Explaining the "fiery" chemical, called resiniferatoxin or RTX, NIH anesthesiologist Dr. Andrew Mannescan says, "The beauty of this is it just selectively targets. If you live a long time, you need all your pain systems. There are people on morphine drips with really no other option. (Eliminating one) seems like a good trade."


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    I'm another one who is glad that they are working on new ways of pain relief!!!!!

  3. CarolK

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    THIS will be available to the public... probably a long time... but at least there is some ongoing research into new pain remedies!


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