Doctors for CFS in Indianapolis area?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SullyJ, Apr 7, 2007.

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    I was just wondering if anyone had any good doctor references for the Indianapolis, IN area. I've been dealing with CFS like symptons for about 3+ years. Last year in May I had a pretty bad scare when I was the sickest I'd ever been. Swollen Lymph nodes in my neck, groin and armpits, extreme fatigue (couldn't eat or shower) and joint pain everywhere. I finally went to the doctor because this time I couldn't blame my symptons on stress and although I had a high ANA count no other autoimmune diseases test positive. Kind of sad but at times I'd rather they just diagnosed me with somthing. Okay that's it. Thanks for the help.
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    Do a search for him on this board. Lisapetrison has posted his address and phone number.
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    I just bumped a thread for you, originally started by hrgirl.
  4. but, had already been dx'd...with NO tender points check, etc.. by my primary, due to sooo much pain, the description of, types, length, history, genetic history (3 generations of fibromites, my g-mother, mother, both aunts, uncle is a ???

    he wouldn't admit it if he DID get dx'd with it, since he's looked down upon me, mom, & my aunts with it...

    he's got MUCH bigger problems now though, anyways :-( lost his lower leg to an extremely* rare cancer, after trying many diff surgeries, etc to save it.. 10-25-06...)He still, has what I feel, are unrealistic thoughts/views, re: illness, pain, limitations, and that whole da**ed "pushing through the pain" type of thinking. Positive attitude...and, being unrealistic to the point of, once you yourself get something devastating...the type of thinking can cause your own personal emotional devastation-definitely = two TOTALLY different things!

    His son, is the same way, though, still trying sooo hard to work in a prison...with severe, uncontrollable seizures, he'd been dx'd with Parkinson's at 28 yrs old, and now, 6 yrs later, thank god, dx has been withdrawn, he has plenty of other disabling conditions though... (former marine, suffered injuries, almost killed by friendly fire...(collapsed lungs, he has hearing aids now, etc etc etc due to the artillary fired VERY close to him..), I'm back on earth now, and outside of my head--- :-O

    First, I was sent to one cruel, uncaring, rude, burned out, HORRIBLE, unprofessional as#hole in Columbus, then to a kind (I think* he was an 'intern') rheumy at IU Med Center, named Dr. Ang..unfortunately, he dx'd, prescribed one med..I couldn't tolerate..and did not schedule he dx'd, but did not treat..

    The 3rd, and FINAL rheumy for me...was HORRIBLE, and in a small practice in Indy, I don't care to mention..because I do know some member(s) here, who see a partner doc at that building, but, doubt..but do not know if they see HIM, per se.. he dx'd, but, just his entire* way of speaking, was rude, commanding...he all but told my mother & husband, AND ME, that, they were welcome to come in the room at the end of the appt...and flat out, in not so many words, told them to shut up, no questions, comments, etc!!! :-O

    I went to him a couple times...when I complained of horrid side effects from one med he put me on...he doubled the dose..and added FIVE medications to counter the effects! I was a slobbering, drooling, vegetable...I LITERALLY could NOT MAKE myself converse with people, even though I was telling myself in my head..."you're not even speaking, you need to say SOMETHING...GEEZ!" but...I just did not have one single thought in my HEAD! I could not even tell hubby whether or not I was hungry, with even a yes or NO! Just shrugs..and "I don't knows" to EVERYTHING.

    My gastro had to add ANOTHER med, to counter all of those! For constipation, an RX laxative..

    My side effects became even worse, he doubled the dose a SECOND TIME...then flat out, through his nurse..told me over the phone NO, when I said I want OFF this med, he needs to call in the lower doses so I can wean off properly...I was FLOORED! SHOCKED! and many manyyyy other things/feelings I'll not type here!

    I called my pcp, told her what was up, she IMMEDIATELY phoned in 75mg pills, and 37.5mg pills for me to wean down, safely. Two months OFF that med, I was STILL having heart palpitations, & the point of such severe weakness, shortness of breath, lethargy, and sweating, I would collapse in the kitchen, just trying to stand at the counter to make a cup of coffee..

    Anyways..5 yrs later...(pcp also had a 24hr holter monitor test ordered for my heart- frequently in the high 120's just SITTING...and up to 176 at one point!) I'm STILL on heart medicine.

    That JERK! did not even care that I'd lost 26lbs in 6wks, and was basically ready for a helmet & drool cup. He made a snide & cruel jerkwad remark, that, "I could put you on remeron, with thanksgiving coming up, you'll put those pounds RIGHT back on, in a hurry" and GRINNED!

    So, rheumy's..seem to ME, amongst THEE hardest specialists to find a GOOD one..I don't know, it's a close race..with ALL of them, in my opinion... but, IU was an alright experience..just no follow up tx..that COULD be, but, I doubt it...due to the fact I live 62-65 miles south of Indy..

    Methodist, has the most wonderful radiation oncologist, and one of the neurosurgeon's was great too...the other- I'm pretty sure, hid his forked tail beneath his lab coat. I'm not even close to kidding about that! :-O

    The gastro dept, is...not so great at IU, either..

    A friend of mine in Atlanta, though, flies here, each year* to have dinner with a UROLOGIST who SAVED HER LIFE, at IU..her husband & she, have been very close friends with him for over 10 yrs, now.. (Isn't that amazing/touching?) She has MS, and not sure the *exact* issue, but, she was at death's door. His surgery saved her...

    I wish u the best of luck...I wish I had more names for you (rheumy's), but, I only saw 2 there..and...well, I've shared my experience.. DO NOT see the one in Columbus, In...FOR SURE!

    There's some in Greenwood, I hear..maybe check the good dr list here...or just wait for some more responses..



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