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    This will be the third time in a year and a half that I have changed primary Doctors. When I have bolld taken I get a letter with results that are always abnormal either high or low on something and the doctor doesn't comment on there what I should do or anything. If I call I never can speak to him, his nurse calls or some other girl who knows crap. The other day I specificall told the nuse I wanted to speak to the doctor, do you think I got a call, NOT. Then the next day I called back for the nurse and she didn't even call me back. I would hate to see what would happen if it was an real emergency.

    The girl the doesn/t know anything called me this week and said the doctor has all my results and wants me to "come in" to discuss them. How about come in because I get more money. It is really hard to find a good Doctor now days. He does treat my pain and that is the only thing I can say he does for me. I am afraid if I switch that the next Doctor may not. I have been on disibility for 2 months now.
    Just Venting, but thanks for listening!!!!

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    I can relate to that.

    right now I have no GP and my rehumatologist says there is nothing her can do for me anymore he referd me to an orthopedist for some hand problems I am having but said he well only see me he he says to.

    So now what? I don't know. I am fed up with the doctors around here I thought it was just my area but I guess not.

    also in my area there are no none at all local support groups I keep looking and nothing. And I have met at least three people that have it but tis like they don't want to talk about it.

    go figure.


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