Doctors Ignoring Abnormal Test Results

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  1. Elisa

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    Hi All,

    Like many of you for years I had normal test results and thus doctors would not have a treatment plan nor any knowledge regarding improving my quality of life - and in fact, most just chalk this DD up to anxiety or depression.

    Anyway, I have now had both abnormal symptoms AND abnormal test results.

    My abnormal symptoms are two majors:

    (1) a almost one year fever (99.5 to 100.5) June 25 2007 -June 25 2008

    (2) elevated heart rate - over 100 bpm even resting.

    My abnormal test results are:

    (1) low TSH .02 (normal .35 to 5.5)

    (2) high ANA 1:320 - postive titer homogenous pattern - used to be speckled

    (3) low specific gravity of urine 1.015 (normal 1.016-1.022)

    (4) high MPV 12.4 (normal 7.2-11)

    So what is the deal? I am serious I have no idea what doctors treat - if they don't help me when I am "well" (test-wise) and don't help when I am sick (again test-wise).

    My rheumy even went as far as to tell me that my TSH was fine and that I misunderstood her that it was abnormal. For the elevated heartrate they say - take a tylenol or up your anxiety meds. Oh really?

    My GP's nurse says that its not possible to have a fever that long - so...

    I am very very careful, having a science background, to check and recheck all variables including my thermometers.

    So I guess I am looking to your collective wisdom to help stir me in the right direction. Is this really the way it is out there? Isn't it unethical to test people and then if the test are abnormal to not at least suggest treatment. Why test at all?

    Thanks everyone for your kind and caring ears!

    God Bless,


  2. Elisa

    Elisa Member

    Hi NoFool!

    Thanks for your reply. It's hard to view/see abnormal tests are "okay", I guess...

    I guess I am programmed to believe that my temp should be 98.6 or around that...I have been 98.1 for 10 yrs or so - so when it jumped to 99.5 - 100.5 and sometimes spikes - I wonder and I feel it too - aweful on top of the dragging fatigue we all have.

    My gut says temps higher are fighting something...maybe I am wrong but to have the body churm and churn with a fever like this I sense it's not a good or productive thing - like a reverberating circuit.

    My MPV is always elevated since I've been sick - so who knows there.

    But the heart rate - yikes - I've had Holter monitors on for up to a month years ago. The same old conclusion POTS, SVT and all the other normal abnormal ryhthms many of us have. But I had episiodes of tachycardia (over 100 bp)and bradecardia at night (under 60 bpm) - now the tachy is sustained even when I am not doing chores.

    I am trying to keep fighting but am afraid I am losing my will - too many things piling up that are caging me in my home and body. I so miss my freedom - of movement, of living - you know...

    When the temp started about a year ago - I had lost my acceptance of this DD - I just felt I couldn't accept it anymore - I had to try one more time to push back against this monster. I had a reunion I wanted to go to - my 25th from college and I missed it - it was last weekend - that was my goal to go and see my school and all my friends once again. I am dissapointed that I can't will or try this illness away. Afterall that is what the world expects if they had IT...they would conquer it - try harder - see more docs - you know...

    Anyway better get off my high horse for now.

    Thanks again NoFool and God Bless You,


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  3. Lichu3

    Lichu3 New Member

    with that TSH, I would hope your docs checked some additional thyroid tests. Hyperthyroidism can cause fast heartbeat and heat intolerance. Endocrinology is sorta tricky so if your docs can't make sense of it, consider asking for an endo consult.

    Have you kept a diary of your temps at different times for your docs to see?

  4. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    How frustrating that you are still going through this! I know you've been seeing various doctors as you've been dealing with this for a long time, but how about an endocrinologist? I'm just thinking that the TSH alone warrants some kind of treatment. It does make you wonder why tests are performed and then not acted upon. And I feel that if a certain result isn't worrisome to a doctor, they should be ethical enough to sit down with you and explain exactly WHY that result can seem out of the norm but isn't considered a problem.

    I know this has been a frustrating year for you, and I wish you'd get some answers. I just wondered if an endo would perform more specific thyroid tests since that organ can be so complex.

    I hope the best for you, and that you get some long-awaited and deserved answers!

  5. Leaknits

    Leaknits New Member


    It seems a lot of drs have their own agenda: Dr #1 said the results of TSH 3 & 4 and a sono-scan were alarming and he wanted me to go for radioactive iodine scan.

    Fast forward two months, and Dr #2 asked me why the other dr wanted the rad test...quote..."your thyroid is just fine."
    At the next appt, the same dr looking at the same results totally changed his tune. All of a sudden those "just fine" results were not just fine. To make it even better he denied he had ever said the thyroid was okay. See, he knows I have memory issues and boy does he try to take advantage of that. I've even dug written-by-dr notes out of my pocket and had him claim he never wrote that...

    The GP's nurse who told you it's not possible to have a fever lasting a year is clearly NOT one of us. You did the checking and figured out what your normal temp is. YOUR normal. Now when the results are much higher than your normal, absolutely there can be a problem going on somewhere in your system.
    It's hard to educate drs as to the wide variety of problems with this d'd. I tell mine "I still have the fever" and he snaps back with "you are below fever." Aarrggh.

    I'm hoping you have a good cardio doc. Elevated heart rate is nothing to play around with and I know you know that. There's a med called Digoxin which is touted to regulate ones' heart rate. My GP, when I told him I was having disrhythmia, apparently took what I said to mean my heart was galloping ALL the time which it wasn't.
    The Digoxin regulated my heartbeat, all right. KA-thump, long pause, KA-thump. All that happened was that the rate was then too slow and my heart just felt tired. I'm sorry, I don't know how to explain it more clearly than "tired."

    No, I didn't keep the Digoxin going. Hoping you can get your guy to listen...

  6. Elisa

    Elisa Member

    Thanks to everyone for your support...

    I will write again when I feel a little better - fever high today 99.9 - wipes me out...

  7. tansy

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    Hi Elisabeth

    Sound clinical judgement requires taking account of both the lab results and the patient's symptoms.

    In the 18th century ME was known as The Fevers and a low grade fever is well documented. When this is accompanied by other signs of immune system dysfunction then any responsible doctor would follow them up with further testing or a repeat of the tests at regular intervals. When not having a Fever my temp would be subnormal; this is frequently reported here.

    I was diagnosed with ME before the CDC's construct of CFS and this diagnosis was supported by abnormal test results and findings. It was only the doctors who believed that presenting with too many symptoms was an indication of a somatising disorder that paid no heed to my test results.

    Any genuine specialist knows what abnormalities confirm a diagnosis and what need investigating further. Many with these DDs have treated themselves and understanding what's going wrong can help when choosing from the many non mainstream Tx available to us.

    Good luck.

    tc, Tansy
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