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  1. mamany

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    Good afternoon

    I hope you are all well.

    I've been dealing with FM since 2000 and have managed fairly well. Lately though, the neck tension/tightness is unbearable. I have a headache just about every day. The last FM "specialist" I saw (last year) seems to think I'm "doing just fine", I guess because I'm not bedridden? Still, I don't look sick at all but same days the pain is just brutal.

    Sorry to go on.... Anyone know of a good FM specialist in Massachusetts?

    Thank you!

  2. MicheleK

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    Hi Laura,

    Has your current doctor ever sent you to a Physical Therapist for your FM?

    You symptoms may be greatly reduced by PT. After a PT gets the tension reduced they also teach you ways to stretch as soon as you begin to feel any tightening.

    A chiropractor also may be useful. But with FM you usually need to know what to do at home or wherever you are once the process begins again.

    You can look for patient recommended physicians on Co-Cure. Here is the link: (copy & paste to your browsers search box)

    Local support groups are often the best way to find doctors who other FM patients have had success with.

    Best to you,
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    Hi Laura,

    I saw your post and thought I would mention Dr. Greenspan. I have not seen her myself, but know a woman who lives near Boston who recommends her.

    My friend in Boston goes to Dr. Greenspan although the doctor is in Amherst, NH. My friend also has Lyme not specifically fibro. But I thought I may as well put the info out here. I feel like I need a good naturopath, but am near Washington DC. I am also tempted to do everything myself (with no drugs) because I have had so many bad experiences with doctors.

  4. mbofov

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    It's a website for integrative medicine doctors, the only ones I've found who know anything about CFS or FM. Scroll over "health resources" at the top of the page and you'll see a link where you can search for doctors in your area.

  5. mamany

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    Hi Michele,

    I did do a little bit of PT years ago but not recently. I should re-visit. My insurance doesn't cover chiropractic care so I need to give that some thought.

    Thanks so much!
  6. mamany

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    Thank you for the referral! I will check this out.