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    My adult daughter is very severely ill with CFS-ME, and perhaps Lyme.

    We have travelled to the USA and to Europe for help, exhausting all our savings and those of my parents. She us highly reactive, my daughter.

    Does anyone know a doctor in Montreal who could at least help a little. Most do not have a clue about this nightmare that has stricken the young.

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    hello. so very sorry to hear about your daughter. have you tried any doctors in new york city?
    there is a good doctor there that i could recommend if you are interested. has she had her immune system checked for "common variable immune deficienty"? especially if she gets many respiratory infections. good luck, and god bless.

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    Thanks. Whom do you have in mind.

    We have done the rounds, Teitelbaum, Klinghardt, Harris, DeMeieleir, etc etc.

    Just collecting thousands of supplements, emptying the bank account, and the demon illness remains.

    But we do have to find a caring doctor knowledgeable in this nightmare.

    I'm ready to listen
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    i was thinking about dr. susan levine. she just loves her patients, and wants only to make them feel better. but if teitelbaum and demeieleir couldnt help her, i doubt that she could. but still , its worth a try.

    i was being treated for cfs and fibro for years, until i found out i had hypogammaglobulinemia, a severe immune deficiency. i now get 7 hr infusions of gamma globulin, i am not better, but i dont get the respiratory infections as much . and i dont get pneumonia anymore.

    i feel for you and your daughter. i wish i had more words of wisdom. but good luck to you and blessings

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    the condition i have is caused by a lack of antibodies in the while blood cell , thats supposed to fight infections. the gamma globulin that they infuse is the antibodies that i need. i get them once a month. because they must be replaced monthly. they call my condition CVID (common variable immune deficiency).

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    Thanks so much Joanie for your help. Very deeply appreciated. I have heard of Susan Levine in New York. My daughter gets respiratory infections only when not wearing a mask on an airplane. Last year she got pneumonia. This year, she didn't, and we just returned from Florida.
    She improved a little from the Teitelbaum protocol. But about 10-15 percent. The. She saw Majid Ali in New York for vitamin infusions, hydrogen peroxide, and she was able to get out of the wheelchair. But the illness has many relapses. Severe violent ones. I recall reading that Laura Hillenbrand has a horror of the coming relapse. They are horrific. But the other doctors really were somewhat negligent. Harris didn't even come out to see my daughter, but his PA came, and prescribedVit B12 injections d told us to go home. Now imagine that.a very sick person flies across the country, from Montreal to out west to see a prominent Lyme doctor, and he doesn't even see her. So we never went back. Just had a few consults with the nurse. Useless waste of money. Flew to Brussels to see Kenny, saw him twice, flew there twice. He prescribed various supplements, and immunoglobulin. But he's not attentive. And promised to set things up in Montreal, with contacts he had, and didn't. So, we left him.
    Klinghardt was busy doing family constellations! His naturopath aid prescribed lots of supplements, and when my daughter got bad reactions, she didn't know what to do. We saw them twice or three times. She stayed on their supplements for a year or two. Nothing but reactions. And when she was there, it took the doctor in whose clinic he worked, to,help my daughter.

    I'm very discouraged with the doctors. The patients make long trips across the ocean or from one coast to another, and you'd think they could take a little time for all the hard cash they get.

    So, we have somehow fallen through the cracks. I know there are others like us.

    This is a serious dreadful disabling illness. My daughter is housebound and bed bound now for over a decade, and we really need someone who is careful, who will do the correct testing etc.

    Thanks for listening