Doctors in Oklahoma City area?

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  1. hagardreams

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    Does anyone know of a "human", that is a caring doctor that can help with fibromyalgia in the Oklahoma City area? I am just tired of being treated like a door mat, or a dollar sign to doctors that can easily say" you have to live with it". Hope someone out there can help. Actuall I might even consider driving to another state if I need to.
  2. deb_46

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    I needed to see a new doctor for a second opinion on my CFS as I am fighting for my LTD and I checked the doctor referral list here on this site and there was one in Broken Arrow.

    I went last week and I really liked her and she confirmed I have CFS and gave me a letter to help with my case. She spent over an hour talking with me and she was very understanding and kind.

    I live in Broken Bow, which is in the southeast corner of Okla. so I had to drive almost 3 1/2 hrs. to see her.

  3. neen85

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    After nearly 17 yrs. he is the one who diagnosed me with Lyme disease!! For more info on this see my profile or the post:CFS shocker:Misdiagnosed x 16 1/2 yrs.

    Dr Jack Wise and his wife Linda(an experienced herbalist)are both wonderful. He tests by applied kinesiology,so you can be tested for many things during one visit,only $50.00. IT is noninvasive too. The name of their place is "Herbs and More"and it is at 71st and Lewis,behind Panera Bread in a U-shaped strip mall.

    Ph# is 918-492-2400,physical address is 6959 S. Lewis. They are knowledgable and very caring people!! The other doctor I was going to kept ignoring all of the problems I was having. Tell them I sent you! Daneen
  4. hagardreams

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    I thank you both for the info. Right now I am willing to try just about any doctor anywhere, as long as I can get one that listens to me and will he me figure out what I can do. I am just so tired of being treated like I am a mental case, when I know I have pain and weakness and just want to try something, anything that will help. I live in Moore Ok, so really anywhere in Oklahoma is just about the same distance. Thanks again.
  5. neen85

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    Dr Wise is a diabetic,and would be very well familiar with your needs. Daneen
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    There's a doctor referral list on this site (it's in blue under community and says "doctor referral". I actually went there for you and copied/pasted what they had listed under "Oklahoma":


    Broken Arrow, OK
    Dr. Laura Bilbruck - Internal Medicine
    Omni Medical Group
    1129 South Aspen Avenue
    Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74012
    (Area Of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)
    Tel: (918) 251-8900
    ("Female doctor who has Hepatitis C and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome herself. She is extremely knowledgeable, caring and understanding about these illnesses, Fibromyalgia and similar problems. She has a lot of these types of patients and we all adore her.")

    Tulsa, OK
    Dr. Brian Flournoy, DC
    6951 E 71st St
    Tulsa, OK 74133
    Tel: (918) 481-0655
    ("Dr Flournoy practices Active Release Technique as well as chiropractic care.")

    *They do not guarantee your personal experience with the docs, but someone here has has a good experience.

    I hope this helps you out.

    All the best,

  7. deb_46

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    She was really great. First time I had been to her and she wrote me a fantastic letter to help me in my fight to get my LTD benefits.

  8. starla06

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    I could use that information as well. My md i had up'd & moved. He was so understanding so now i will have to start over with someone else in the clinic he was in. Wish me luck. I know a lot of good Dr's are in the Tulsa area but that is hard for some people to get to. Sure wish we could find one here in the oKC area. Good lunk on your hunt & let me know if you find anyone
    Lea Ann
  9. JesseParker

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    Sounds like you are not happy with your previous experience. You can meet one of good Oklahoma doctor who will treat you like your family ;)