Doctors in Ontario, Canada??

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    I haven't been around in a while. I had kind of given up on finding any kind of medical help. I was finally told that I don't have MS last February, but my family doc still didn't know what to do with me. I've just been hanging around in limbo, but i'm soooo tired of feeling sick and tired that i need to find some help.

    I live in the Niagara Region in Ontario, Canada. Does anyone know of any doctors that treat FMS and are compassionate and willing to really listen? I really am at my wits end and need to get my family dr to refer me somewhere that i can get some help.
    thanks & happy holidays
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    While I agre that there are fewer Doctors here that have knowledge of FM/CFS,my experience does not indicate that we are 20 yrs. behind the US. I think that is an unfortunate statement but perhaps understandable if one is frustrated.

    However, I am not here to debate that. I think I can offer you a little help with Doctors in Ontario. First of all the ME Assn. of Ontario has a lot of good information and I am told they have a Doctor referral service. They have a website at http::// They put out a very informative newsletter.
    There is also a Doctor Referral at the top of this page that has a few Canadian DOctors on it.

    I see a Doctor in Toronto who is very up on the latest treatments. She regularly communicates with Doctors around the world who treat this. She is at the Integrative Care Centre of Toronto. A Naturopath works in the clinic as well and they provide nutritional IVs, and Infrared Sauna treatments. They also have Education and Support groups that one can register for even if one is not a patient of the clinic.
    They are busy and it takes time to get in as a patient. Going to the groups helps you get in but you do need a referral. I believe right now that you would be booked first with the Naturopath, Dr Beaulne, and you would have to pay for her unless you have an Extended Health Plan. She will get you started on the program and you will see Dr. Bested later. They are not as agressive as the FFCs but she will work with you if you want to try other things. I have certainly improved since going there and know many others who have also. It is wonderful to feel supported by someone who really knows. She has advocated strongly for disability for her patients and most have been successful.

    Finally, she has a book comng out in February. At last, some help for patients from a Canadian perspective.

    There is also a Sleep specialist in Toronto who specializes in CFS studies, actually more than one.

    Perhaps someone will be able to suggest a Doctor closer to your home. I know there are Doctors in London and Ottawa but that isn't any better.

    Keep searching. There is help here. I wish we had lots of dedicated clinics too but we have more than perhaps we think we have.

    Good Luck
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    I'm from Toronto and I think you have to be very lucky to find care here. I wish I could be more positive, there seems to be a few doctors here and there but getting into them seems all but impossible. For the people from Canada who are getting good care - that's great but I don't think it is the norm but rather the exception. I do hope however you have better luck than me (sorry I don't have any tips for you)

    The ME association referal did not work out at all for me, of the doctors names they gave me, only one was accepting new patients. This doctor told me that he thought Fibro patients do not need to see rheumatolgists but rather psychiatrists - then he laughed. Very strange that he was on their list.

    I have been going to the US. The financial part has been somewhat hard especially since I had to leave my job. However, I felt I really had no choice as I have 2 young kids to look after.

    Good luck,


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