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    hi does anybody know of any good doctors in the uk.
    I have not felt well for 8 yrs. I was going to the doctors complaining of no energy and pains all over my body they kept sending me for blood tests but they would always come back ok. I tried to carry on with my life as much as i could
    but it was getting worse. I never told anybody how bad I felt apart from my husband ( who has been brilliant wouldn't have coped without him) because my doctor could not find anything wrong and I started to beleive it was all in my mind and the pains shooting over my body was normal.
    My husband could see how bad i was and was always telling me to go back to the doctors, but i would say what is the point I was wasting my little energy i had going there to be told nothing was wrong. I have always been a fighter when it comes to illness I have had alot since childhood anything going i would get.
    Oneday I asked my husband if he had a day when he didn't have any pains in his body he said yeah everyday. I was shocked i had began to believe it was normal to have pains everyday.
    I went back to the doctor the only one avaliable was a nurse practioner who i saw. she thought it was my sarcaidocis had retuned and sent me to a specialist.test showed it was not that, he sent me to a neurologist.i had a cat scan to see if there was fluid that was ok. He then went through a list of symptoms to see which i had but never bothered to tell my doctor as i didn't think they could all be connected. he diagnoised cfs was given
    antidepressants. I have to back ever 2 months to my doctors for a review, but that is it,I still have all the symptoms apart from the depression which is not so bad. I now want more help as i have been diagnosed with an illness. hope this all makes sense as i have trouble putting things into words
    I seem to talk aload of rubbish so I have been told, I now think that could be a symptom.
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    Look in the yellow pages for a Nutritional Practitioner.

    They will help you. Specially if they trained through the College of Natural Nutrition with Barbara Wren at the helm.

    She herself was a nurse and had ME 30 years ago and treated herself, so have many of the Tutors.
    There is the right kind of help for you out there.

    She has a Practice in the South I think, and so do many of the lecturers dotted around the country.

    Good luck,

    Love Pat.
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    From Co-Cure's Good Doctor List:


    Charles Clark
    152 Harley Street
    London, South, W1G 7LH

    West Tilbury Village, Exxex
    Dr David Smith, Specialist
    West Tilbury Village, Essex, U.K

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    It takes a long time to get a diagnosis, doesn't it. I read in material from the Arthritis Foundation (I think that's it) that on average it takes 5 years to get a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia (which is what I have, but my journey is similar to yours). I also have sarcoidosis, though it's mostly in remission (I have only one stubborn lesion at the moment). Anyway, welcome to the board!
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    Does anyone have a phone number for Dr David Smith?
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    Where abouts in england are you? Have you tried googling recommendations for cfs doctor in uk? Im sure your not the only one to of wondered. No good if your doc doesnt believe in cfs. Other thing you can do is go on fibro sites they list doctors and fibro docs will recognise cfs. You can also go to fibro support groups they have info for cfs and ME aswell. Im in the SE. &lt;BR&gt;
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    She's extremely knowledgable about CFS and nutrition etc. Here's her website:;BR&gt;
    Good luck -&lt;BR&gt;
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    Hi, you can't find a good dr. In the UK and I cannot find one here. I ordered the online monthly magazine. When I downloaded the first one it was the UK edition! thinking I made a mistake. I called I tunes. That is the only one published. No US version, so I decided to keep it and enjoy it. There are fibromyagia clinics in London, Halifax and all thru the UK. They are far ahead of the US in studies and research and good care. There are tons of support groups. I just have to figure out how to get the issues to you. If anyone has ideas feel free to cut in. I wish we had all that help here. I possibly could copy and send via email. Come on, cut in. Let me know if you have ideas. I started a few months ago so I have about 4 issues. Please get back to me or ask Mikey. They say to pass along the information so it's not wrong. I'm sure I can copy and send. Thru E Mail.. It would make me happy to bring it, just saving my strength for NY and California. Right now, I'm lucky to make it to the pool. Please let me know. It can be very valuable to you.&lt;BR&gt;