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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by risinforce, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. risinforce

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    Some lady from the doctor's office called and just chewed my ass out. Great! She asked me what was wrong, I told her about the severity of the flare I have been in for the last week, I told her I was out of percocet and she asked me how many I was taking during my flare so I told her between 8 and 10 (this is ok because the tylenol level is low and my old pain doc used to let me take up to 12 a day during bad days hence never having problems). So she chewed me out for that. Told me I can't do that, I told her I had no option, what was I supposed to do go to the ER.

    She said yes, then I said well I did that 2 weeks ago and was treated like a drug addict. Plus I didn't even have a way to get there. I told her I couldn't even take care of myself or have my child.

    Finally she said she would talk to the doctor when he comes in at 11:00. Asked if I might be able to come in, I told her probably.

    I'm afraid to even go in there. He is just going to rip me but he needs to see my level of pain and it's his job. Why is it that they can make us feel bad for trying to just survive. I have never had to go through this in the 2 years of this illness.

    I'm so frusterated right now. We'll see what happens.

  2. kaiasmom

    kaiasmom New Member

    I too have been treated like a drug addict in the ER & at my previous dr's office. I have Kaiser, and the dr I was seeing for a while printed off all of the prescriptions I have ever filled at Kaiser, to show me that I had a drug problem. She also felt she was an expert on fibro, because she has a friend with it, who seems to function normally, so I should be able to too. I am obviously just not trying hard enough to feel better, or conquer my pain. PLEASE!!

    It feels so terrible to be treated that way. As if we choose to be in excruciating pain all the time, just so we can get medication?? Interesting theory. Life is so hard for us as it is. We certainly don't need doctors trying to tell us that we have a drug problem. I wish I didn't have to take 10 different prescriptions to be able to function. I don't particualarly enjoy taking pills, or worrying about whether my dr will approve a refill, or whatever.

    Anyways, I do hope your visit goes well & the dr acknowledges your pain and treats it appropriately. Good luck!

    Take care,
  3. jake123

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    I went to the ER one night with an atomic headache (can you picture the mushroom cloud over my head??) and I was afraid it would stretch into the next because I had the headache for four days. The young doctor came in and we talked. He said Well I'll get some meds ordered, we'll get you tanked up so you can go home.
    "Tanked up"???? I don't think so. I said I really would like to go to school tomorrow as much as I would like to get rid of the headahce.
  4. pirtpain

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    I know just how you feel. I have a habit of falling down a lot. Needless to say I broke my ankle last year and the ER Drs. Swear it was because of all of the meds I take. Every time I end up there it’s the same old thing. As far as the Drs, go, are you guys going to

    Rheumatologists? I have the best! As I read about all of everyone’s problems I am so surprised as to the lack of knowledge and compassion that these Drs. have. IT IS UNBELIEVABLE! I really thought that things had gotten better over the years. The

    rheumatologist that I have use to work with the big shot Dr. Bennett who heads conferences for a large group of Rheumatologists either across the country or perhaps just
    in the west.. He is very knowledgeable and works closely with his patients. My next visit

    I am going to ask him about this subject, not that he can do anything about it. Anyway, I hope things get better for you. Sorry I can’t help.

  5. granmama

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    I know someone that had nerve damage and was in alot of pain. He had no insurance till he finally was able to get on the county's indigent program. From there, he was able to be referred to a surgeon.

    Prior to the surgery, he had no recourse but to go to the ER. Once he was told "we don't do pain management"!
    This man was suffering. He is able to work now but has permanent damage from going on so long without treatment.
    The indigent program is helping him with his pain meds. They only cost $3.00 per script.

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