Doctor's office receptionist hung up on me!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Empower, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Empower

    Empower New Member

    Of all the nerve!

    She was mad because I was trying to explain something to her, and she wasn't listening to me and kept talking over me, and since I "Raised my voice" she hung up on me!

    I called back and asked to speak to the office manager, and the receptionist put me on hold and I was never connected

    Then I called and asked to speak to a nurse and she said the receptionist "was just doing what she was trained to do" to which I replied "what, hang up on patients?"

    Can't believe she did that. I will see the doc on Thursday and will tell her this
  2. lynncats

    lynncats New Member

    Yesterday I called my rheumy to see if there was anything that they could give me for this darn flu like feeling (I have FM), she said we don't call in anything for the "flu", I told her I don't have the flu, but that is what my FM makes me feel like. Then she went on to tell me that I have an appt. June 22nd, and I said no I don't, I came in earlier in the month due to some bad pain, and that appt. should have been cancelled. She then in turn said "do you want to keep the appt. or NOT, boy I almost lost it. I told her I would keep the appt., but what I didn't tell her, was that I surely will mention this rude women to my dr. Sorry this is so long. You take care, and don't let the rude one's ruin your day!!


  3. Empower

    Empower New Member

    to all for your support

    I was in tears after that phone call, as I was calling the pain clinic, because I was in so much pain

    Lum, what a sense of humor! I needed that - thanks!!! LMFAO
  4. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    How rude of her! Normally I try not to take stuff like that personally, bc I figure that it's more of that person's problem, then something about me (not that I am perfect or anything, but I try to be nice, and also, having the attitude that the other person must be having a bad day usually makes me feel a little less bad about their response).....a lot of times I would just try to let it go, but in this situation, I would say something bc the Dr needs to know how staff is acting - after all that receptionist is sort of a representative of the Dr, and he/she could easily lose potential (or even current) patients if that type of response is common for that receptionist
  5. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Good Morning!
    I've had the same woman be rude to me at my Dr's office twice. She's the "prescription" person.
    My Doc had changed my meds one time mid month. When I called to see why it hadn't been called in yet - I got her. Oh lucky day. She said, "you've already got a prescription for ___, it's the same thing". I said NO, it's not. (doc wouldn't have changed) Her attitude came through loud and clear in her voice.
    Next time, I was actually RETURNING a call from the nurse about a med. This woman intercepted the call and said "You're not supposed to talk to the nurse, I'M the one who handles prescriptions!" I said, hmmm. the nurse CALLED me! That shut her up.

    I asked my father's opinion of what to do- (the smartest man I know!! =) He said, I might very calmy and diplomatically bring it up to my Dr. as sometimes they have no clue how their office staff is behaving unless someone told her. Their practice is a business.
    So I briefly brough it up as "Am I not allowed to talk to the nurse?" then told her what happened....Nicely. She said "you can talk to my nurse anytime! and thanks for letting me know"

    So subsequent visits the nurse is telling me about things she's doing on the weekends etc. and she keeps mentioning the "prescription" girls name. turns out they're really good friends. I'm sure my complaint didn't go very far - but at least the Dr. knows how I was treated.

    I do agree that you need to make a decision if this bothers you enough to find another Dr. Sometimes you have to make the compromise. Next time you talk to her, simply say "thanks for being so nice!"

    I'm surprised at the lack of customer service skills out there these days. It's so nice to visit a business that believes that's number one!
  6. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    I totally agree that customer service and receptionist skills have severly declined. Alot of things I incounter I would have been fired for back in the day!

    However I was a receptionist/everything in a 4 doctor office. You would not believe some of the horrible abuses I tolerated. We are told if you cant get someone on phone to calm down or they are using abusive lanuage you can hang up.

    Alot of the problems are poor training and support of staff. Your best bet is to say something to person being rude,like sorry you must be having a bad day but i dont appreciated being treated rudely. Go to her supervisor,docs rarely get involved with these things.
  7. Pansygirl

    Pansygirl New Member

    Just wanted to say I'm sorry you had to go through this.

    I just don't understand why people have to act this way, they are supposed
    to be professionals~ shakes head.

    keep us posted.

    sending gentle hugs, Susan
  8. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    and many times, they are responsible for a patient terminating their relationship with a doctor. Years ago, when I was hired as a receptionist (not in a doctor's office) The man who hired me claimed the receptionist was one of the most critical roles in the company as the first line of contact with a potential client. And he was right. Today, this applies to doctor's offices as well, since medicine has evolved into a consumer business.

    Recently, I had some severe symptoms that warranted a call to my gastro's office. So god forbid the great Oz might ever come to the phone, I have to take a call-back from some ditzy, unprofessional receptionist who sounded all of about nineteen from what I could hear between the gum she incessantly cracked as we spoke. When I knew she wasn't really getting what I said, I told her I would prefer to speak to the doctor directly when he had a moment--no urgency. She tells me, "Oh, that's not possible. He's ALWAYS busy..." so I scheduled an appointment for two weeks later. As the week progressed,my internist ran the necessary tests (celiac) and I was feeling better following a gluten-free diet (I will go into that on a different post) I decided to cancel my appointment with him. I did not want to get into it with them why I was cancelling (felt the appt would be pointless at this point) so I said I would call back when I could reschedule. Well, since that day (6/9), they have called me back three times. The first two calls were to reschedule, the third call was "The doctor is concerned that you didn't keep your appointment." To which I replied, "Oh really? Have him give me a call and we'll talk about it. Byeeee..." Need I say I haven't heard from him? I have to wonder if their that desperate for my $40 copay. My husband thinks so!

    The funny thing is, this doctor went into sole practice years ago,leaving his joint practice with his brother, because of the office staff. Years ago, my best friend also used them and she called that office one day for an appointment to see one of the doctors. The snappy receptionist asked her, "Well which one do you wanna see. Dr. Ron or Dr. Don?" when my friend said she wasn't sure which one she had seen the last time, the curt woman replied, "Was it the good looking one or the other one?" And she, my friends, was their own mother!!!

  9. Empower

    Empower New Member

    Yes, you have to wonder where customer service went - right out the door along with "the customer is always right"

    Good thing I didn't have an emergency when I was calliing

    And try to talk DIRECTLY to a doctor??? Forget it! Gone are those days

    You talk to some ditzy receptionist or a nurse that could care less about you
    (sorry to any receptionist or nurses online)
  10. That at least HALF of the staff, of EACH of my drs offices' , are the FORMER drive-thru workers of all the local fast food restaurants around here- the same people that (past, and even MORESO *presently*) basically JAM your food out the window at you, while yelling back to their manager/co-worker, talking into their headset, adjusting their.... clothes... yelling about a smoke break, etc...

    They don't even so-much as LOOK in your direction, much less tell you "thank you, have a good day"... etc... and GOD FORBID, you should CHECK YOUR OWN ORDER, after such shoddy service, to make sure it's correct (75% of the time... it is NOT.), and then need something else from them- they've already closed their window- and you would think they would *sense* that you are still there... yet, there they are, already half-a$$edly taking someone elses order, & pretending you are not pecking on the window, to get their attention ( puncturing a lung, on your car door/window in the process, & choking on your seatbelt)....

    I'm sure of at least my neuro's past 3-4 secretary's. I am not even kidding, when I say, that of the 7+ yrs I've been seeing him now, there was about a 2.5 yr period, (I have always, until just my last appt, seen him every 3 months)... where he had a new secretary, every single visit!

    He had several new nurses for a while also, until this one has settled in for the past 5 yrs or so.

    Unreal, huh?

    About 3 visits ago, my neuro's office was literally PACKED- not even 'standing room only'... being a neuro, and having a tiny waiting room anyhow, all seats were full, PLUS 3 walkers, a few wheelchairs- it was insane..

    As I was leaving my 2hr 20 minute LATE appt.. my neuro came up front, yelled at his secretary/nursing staff "why are all these people sitting out there!?" and proceeded to open the door, & call people back to rooms on his own- my jaw dropped-

    I've only had to wait like that maybe 3 times, total, at his office (it's almost ROUTINE at the pain clinic!!!), and,

    I've always had to tell myself, he IS a neuro- he gets called to the hospital quite often

    (think about it, car accidents, sports injuries, strokes etc... he has to go to the ER every single time someone even BUMPS their head...) lucky he's just acrossed the street from the hospital, I guess.
    So, to see that it appeared to be his STAFFS fault, or at least, partly- i was just in awe- and also got some major insight into why he'd changed so much staff, soooo many times in such short time- now, he CAN be a bear, don't get me wrong, when he's in a foul mood- people want to run away.... I KNOW. But, he's seldom in that type of mood, and on THAT day, my gosh, I'd certainly say he was entitled!

    SO Sad. It's almost like secretaries/receptionists have decided that THEY too, can have some "power" over us 'sickies', and we've now also come to be at 'their mercy' as well as allll the medical staff, from the person who takes our BP/temp... to the nurse, NP, Doctor, -

    It's just an angry, bitter, fearful WORLD we live in, but, yes, when did it become OK for EVERYONE to be so UGLY to people. Especially when THEY CHOSE their line of work.

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