DOCTOR's rebuttal to MOCKING news editorial

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  1. monkeykat

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm so proud of my general practitioner. He personally wrote a letter to the editor at the News Herald (near Cleveland, Ohio) in response to their mocking editorial about CFS.

    Here is his letter (it had to be 300 words or less). I hope the News Herald prints it.



    On Saturday, February 24, 2007, I read the section in “Bouquets and Brickbats” and was quite shocked that the author of the article wrote: “With due respect to anyone who suffers from it, chronic fatigue syndrome is just not that important.”

    The article also stated that CFS is not considered contagious or life threatening, by some experts, and does not have merit as a focus for public health when compared to some other particular diseases. CFS affects millions of people in the U.S. alone – but women are mainly affected by this condition and many who are in their childbearing and child-rearing years.

    Besides not having much quality of life, CFS is devastating when sufferers of this condition can barely make it out of bed in the morning, take care of their homes and children, be a partner to their spouses or able to continue employment in the job sector.

    Sufferers of CFS are often isolated by their family, friends, employers and health care providers as “sometimes people question if CFS is real or not real”, said Julie Gerberding, M.D., MPH, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in Atlanta. “In addition to demonstrating that this illness is real, researchers are uncovering potential triggers and treatments,” (JAMA, December 27, 2006 – Vol. 296, No. 24, page 2915).

    “There are now over 4,000 published studies that show underlying biological abnormalities in patients with this illness”, said Anthony Komaroff, M.D., of the Harvard Medical School in Boston.

    As far as seriousness of this disease goes, I have successfully treated four women who considered ending their lives because of the great magnitude of misery they endured due to this disease.

    I see hundreds of patients who suffer from CFS and, in my opinion; it is a very important disease.

    Harold J. Bowersox, D.O.
    34950 Chardon Road
    Suite 206
    Willoughby Hills, Oh 44094

    440 602 7700

    If you haven't taken a moment to write a sentence or two to the News Herald, here is the link that prohealth posted last week:

    Please add your comments to the growing list by clicking on "POST A COMMENT" at the top of this web page:

    Prohealth email sent out to us:
    Ohio newspaper questions appropriateness of CFS programs at CDC

    Over the weekend, the News-Herald (serving northeast Ohio) published the following editorial:

    BRICKBATS: To the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which recently paid $4.5 million of taxpayers' money on a public awareness campaign involving chronic fatigue syndrome. Chronic fatigue syndrome is not contagious or life-threatening, and many experts question its merits as a focus for public health. Most researchers believe it's a real condition, but some feel the CDC has gone too far, at times putting such ailments ahead of the public good because advocates and politicians push for it. The CDC was created to address serious, potentially fatal conditions such as cancer and heart disease. With due respect to anyone who suffers from it, chronic fatigue syndrome is just not that important.

    The website provides an easy way for readers to respond to this posting. Several people with CFS have already done so, but it's important for the paper to hear from readers in Ohio.

    Please add your comments to the growing list by clicking on "POST A COMMENT" at the top of this web page:

    Thank you for engaging in CFIDS advocacy and making sure statements like this don't go unchallenged!

    Keep Hope Alive, Monkeykat
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    Hi Monkeykat
    How great that your doctor wrote that!

    We need more doctor's like yours to continue to give the medical viewpoint.

    Maybe he can ask his colleagues to start writing as well!!

    Well done
    Best wishes
  3. mollystwin

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    For being so persistant with this! It means a great deal for us who suffer.

    I finally went and wrote another comment due to the first one never appeared. It's short because I don't have much energy today.
  4. sues1

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    To you for all and the Dr. who wrote his response. He is a special doctor. Blessings........Susan
  5. Slayadragon

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    That was a great letter that your doctor wrote!

    Best, Lisa

  6. monkeykat

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    Hi diva55, mollystwin, sues1, lisapetrison,

    I had to laugh when you (diva55) wrote, "Maybe he can ask his colleagues to start writing as well". LOL! He has no colleagues anymore since he started treating people with CFS/FM. He used to practice traditional medicine but began to include homeopathy in his practice and he has had great success with many CFS & FM patients. Unfortunately, he hasn't been able to help me. His colleagues discount him and mock him for this.

    I hope my doctor's letter appears in the "letters to the editor" section of The News Herald".

    I'm glad you were able to write another comment to them. They have 86 responses now.

    I sent the executive editor the objective article from MSNBC that their editor took a few lines out of word-for-word but created a biased slant against CFS. She thanked me for sending it and said that she looks forward to working with me.

    Thanks again for all of YOUR support and encouragement:)

    Keep Hope Alive, Monkeykat

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