doctors say its fms in my chest????

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  1. ufuomalinda

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    Hi I was just wondering if anyone else has this prolem about two weeks ago they thought I was having a heart act well after three days they tell me that its fibromyalgia now I have it every where you can think of and they have up my pain meds and so here iam feel so bad and hurting every where there is I think from the bottom of my feet to the top of my anyone eles have this pain in there chest??? This is jusy no fun and no one understands unless you have it it drives me crazy when someone says I understand how can they when we dont get....or maybe its just me..
    soft hugs to all...linda
  2. Kalli

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    I have pain in my chest too. It's scary but it never does anything but if that were not bad
    enough. And I have read of people saying they have it so bad they think they are having a heart attack. Also, the chest all around the collar bone and down to the breasts is extremely sore and if you feel for tender points there you will probably find them. No fun! Know what you mean by hurting all over. I was dx with this about 12 years ago but I had the symptoms many years before that. Who ever says it is not progressive can't be right. I am so much worse than I was several years ago. Maybe ageing does it?

    I don't even mention my Fibro and CF to anyone who doesn't have it. They look at me like I was lying or crazy. You are right, they don't understand if they don't have it, just like I don't understand what cancer is like because I don't have it.

    Take care, take your meds, take it easy, and soft hugs back to you.

    PS: Maybe you are having a bad flare? I don't know what the weather is like where you are but here it has been rainy and damp so that causes a flare up in the Fibro. making things worse.

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  3. healing

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    I have chest pain INSIDE my chest. It's hard to pinpoint, and my doc says it can be in the muscles inside the chest. I went through a cardiac catheterization to be sure it wasn't my heart. I hate that I had to go through that, but at least I know my heart is healthy, because my symptoms were so diffuse -- just like many women's heart disease symptoms.
  4. terrifitz

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    I have had lots of problems with my chest. I don't really think it is weather related. I live in Germany where one day it is cold and wet and the next warm. I have been told I have pluerisy (sp?). I actually had a PT tell me I had tendonitis throughout my whole body!!! Anyway, I have found the Therma Care heating pads really work for me. I buy the ones for your back and wear them around my chest. They stay warm for about 8-10 hours. I also take demoral or ultram for the pain. I have read so much good information on this board. Thanks to everyone!!
  5. ckball

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    I was admitted to the cardiac unit last month for chest pains and high heart rate. I do have high blood pressure and tachycardia. I did the stress test, EKG and electrocardiagram and my heart is fine. So my Dr says it is probably the fibro. My pressure is down since I have been on meds for it but I still have the chest pains. It doesn't happen at any particular time just whenever it wants. What do you do, my body is worn out from other DD but at least I know my heart if fine! Good luck to you. CB
  6. granmama

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    My chest pains have been labeled "coronary spasms" brought on by Fibromyalgia.
    I have had all the cardiac tests and all were negative.

    They do feel like one is having a heart attack and I do get shortness of breath. Pain radiates to back and shoulders. I have had 4 episodes in 2 years.
    I was told by cardiologist not to use nitro, (lowers my bp) just let the pains pass.
    But, my primary tells me if nitro takes the pain away, then take it. Protocal for Nitro is 1 tablet every 5 minutes not to exceed 15 minutes. If pains still persist, dial 911 and get to ER.

  7. Shazzy

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    Hi all,

    I am suffering with chest, back , shoulders pain and tightness.
    I am told its anxiety.

    Try to relax, somehow that is hard when all it does is tense you up.

  8. Carina

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    What you described was exactly what happened to me. I was finally given nitroglycerin in the ER. The diagnois was FMS. I also hurt all over after that episode. The doctor told me that she believed I also had Chronic Myofacsial Pain.

    I was fortunate to know someone who does the trigger point release massage and knew enough to get me on magnesium and other vitamins and minerals. Which my doctor keeps an eye on the levels. If it had not been for these people I don't think I would be moving around today.

    At first I had to get the release treatments done everyday now I only need to get them done every 6-9 days.
    something that might help is to get olive oil or safflower oil and massage into the skin all over to provide moisture in the muscles. Remember to get the bottom of your feet. Use the clearest oils you can find. Use this before your triggerpoint release. Clair Davies has a book on this that has been mentioned on this board.


    HURTSALOT2 New Member

    I too have terrible chest pains and hurt from my head to bottom of my feet. My chest pains scared me so badly that my doctor did an EKG and ordered an ultrasound of my heart. I am glad to know that my heart is fine. Now when I have these bad chest pains I can tell myself that my heart is fine, although I must admit it still scares me some. I was put on High Blood Pressure Rx because my pressure was high for past six weeks. Take care.
  10. pearls

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    Pain in my chest - difficult to pinpoint exactly where - has always been my primary symptom. I've been to the emergency room with it twice. I've had all regular treadmill tests, the nuclear treadmill, and cardiac sonnograms, and a heart catheterization - all negative for heart trouble. I've also had a complete pulomnary function test, x-rays, and chest CT scans for possible lung problems. I even had a CT scan of my thorasic spine to see if the problem originates in my back. Then I started having stomach problems and ended up with endoscopy and another test where I had to put up with two tubes coming off the top of each nostril to a recording device for 24 hours. Yuk! No, it all appears to be fibromyalgia. The problems I've had in my limbs were secondary to the chest pain.

    The chest pain is so bad I take two different kinds of narcotics along with all sorts of other medications to keep my fibromyalgia at a level where I can function. Right now, as I write, I've had to take two emergency Vicodan tablets even though I take 80 MG Oxycontin per day - and it STILL hurts! But that's much better than about 2 years ago, when the pain was so bad it radiated to my back and I could not sit at a computer for more than just a few minutes at a time.
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  11. ladybird1

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    I've posted before on chest pain. Evertyhing bothers it including bras. Shortly after Christmas I had posted
    about chest pain that traveled up my face and caused numbness.
    Went through MRi and Ultrasound on arteries, but showed
    no stroke. Was referred to cardiologist who says I have both mild asthma (that had never been treated) plus mitral
    valve prolapse. So my chest pain is like a multiple choice
    question, what's causing the chest pain today?
  12. susabar

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    My chest wall pain actually feels like some one is sticking me with a hot poker. Last year before I knew about FM, I went flying to my GYN for a breast exam and an emergency mammogram, of course they could find nothing wrong. I remember polling my fellow employees, who are all women, and saying OK guys, " how many of you get the hot poker feeling in your chest "?? The response was zero !!!
    Love Sue