Doctor's Testing Tenderpoints....Really???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mightyoldman, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. mightyoldman

    mightyoldman New Member

    I have seen only a few doctors in this past year,
    two of them are internest, and the other two were just doctors that the SSID sent me to

    They tested some of the tenderpoints by pressing on some tenderpoint areas and some other areas, but I really question their ability or judgement of where to press and how much to press.
    I have searched and searched the web for anyone who has the same distrust or the lack of confidence in their doctor to give you the proper test requirement when pressing those tenderpoints.
    I am a 42 year old man, so I have no idea if the testing for tenderpoints for men are different than for women. I suspect it should be givin the muscle volume being different in men.
    I realize that we are really talking about the fibros tissues and not exactly the muscle, or perhaps I am totally wrong in saying that.

    Although in one of the doctors who pressed only a few on my right arm and right knee areas seemed to do the trick, and I walked out of that office feeling like I got battered on that side.
    But she really didn't go for the other points, and I know for sure that I am sensative to other tenderpoints.
    Any thoughts or experiences?

    Thank you,
  2. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    Actually I have only had one doc do the tenderpoint test. My opionion is that is old school and other testing along with it are key.

    This is so much more than 18 tenderpoints, I have places that arent on the "map"!!! Testing is the same for men.

    Read some of the posts on here and research,articles they are excellant on all the latest findings.

    love your name altho not sure 42 is old!!!
    blessing in return
  3. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    there are established ones they test for and they are supposed to use a special instrument and they also purposely use a few spots that arent part of the pain pattern for a control maybe to see if faking or something
    I dont really have them
  4. JFogged

    JFogged New Member

    I am a 61 year really old male. The fibro makes us feel much older. Today I am about 80.


    I have had it done by several doctors and your experience is pretty close to mine.

    My regular doctor ( an osteopath),a pain management doctor and a rheumy. They all used only their hands and when they had tested all 18 points (I am sensitive in 16 of them) my wife and brother-in-law had to help me in and out of the car I was in so much pain. I was in pain for about 3 days from the test alone.

    I try to avoid the test whenever possible!

    WebMD has a chart that shows the tenderpoints they should check. That may give you a better understanding of the test and give you an idea if the doctor you are seeing has a clue.

    Good Luck in your quest for understanding this better.

    I have suffered with this since 89 and it is sure no picnic.

  5. mightyoldman

    mightyoldman New Member

    Thank you for sharing that, all of you.
    Yes...I have seen what the tender point chart looks like and that is what gave me a clue as to what the doctor should be looking for.
    Even the amount of pressure they should apply, I forgot about the instrument they should be using.
    My doctor from a year ago attempted to press those points, but I felt like a mosquito landed on me, I really thought doctors are mostly familiar with these points.
    the other doctor pressed near the points or just around the points and I thought that I should show them where it hurts.
    Anyway,,,how on earth do they test the tenderpoints at the base of the buttocks?
    I have off and on pain in that area at times and dread even the test of that.

    Thanks Jfogged, I hope that there will be relief for you at times for you to enjoy life.
    I will look up that chart again, today I will be visiting my doctor, she may or may not do the tenderpoint test, I need a positive doctor experience.

  6. luigi21

    luigi21 Member

    Hi, just to let you know, where the rheumy presses is sensitive to everybody, but if you have fibromyalgia it will feel like someones (at least) pressing on a bruise, enough to make you go 'stop, enough' but your right, peoples tender points are in different areas, because we are not all immaculate shaped individuals, im a bit wonky (mild scoliosis) so mine are different, if you think their not pressing in the right place move there finger and say no, but it really hurts there. Also not everybody has tender points in the same areas, a diagnosis relies on 11 out of 18 tender points, usually you develop more as the condition, or 'if' the condition triggers gradually, which it does as symptoms crop up the more you go along with this condition, some disappear (unfortunately not the wants I rather hope would). Best to take a diagram with you showing how your pain spread, ie from what areas outwards etc, and where it is now. Tender points although still part of the diagnostic criteria, are becoming less important in comparison to the symptoms generated, if your've had pain in all four quadrants of the body for 3mths or longer, suffer lack of sleep, fatigue, and all blood results are normal then usually a diagnosis is made.

    all the best
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  7. mightyoldman

    mightyoldman New Member

    I saw my doctor today, she did do the tenderpoints test and I was not impressed with the amount of pressure or the exact places, and she used her fingers and then on the lower back she used her palm. She decided that all of my symptoms amounted to Fibromyalgia, and though I may have not me all of the criteria for an on the spot diagnosis, she is beginning to treat my symptoms as though they were fibromyalgia.
    She gave me 7 weeks of Cymbalta, which is great, I have no insurance and most likely I will be taken off of Adderall.
    She tested me for depression and felt that I passed that test with flying colors, all signs point to depression, so I think I am on the right track, I hope.
    It looks like she may put me down for 8 out of 18 tenderpoints, but I agree with those who say it the tenderpoints are not completely reliable.
    I will research the idea about the tenderpoints being toxin releases and the massaging of them.

  8. place

    place New Member

    When I was first diagnosed, I had my fibro specialist do them and she nearly brought me to my knees.

    Then 4 years later, I see this OSU reumy that only take fibro people. He is really the only show in town (columbus). He had an intern do my intial assesment. He poked around maybe got 5 of the 11. No pain was involved when he pressed. I was like "yea that kinda hurts..."

    Then the big doc himself came in and did the test.

    I almost cried it was so painful!!!! It was interesting because it was not unilateral, some sides hurt more than others. There is a technique, experience and amount of pressure that go into that test!

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