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    Well I went this AM to my new Rhumey. I really liked her she seemed sincere and honest with me. She said that she needed to run her own tests and than she will see if I actually have Sjogren's or not. She took photos of my face as I have a rash on my cheeks and nose at this time.
    She also said something very curious, when she asked me what Rhumey's I had seen and what had happen with them I discribed this last one not doing any of his own tests and just diagnosing me off the notes of the 1st one and she said is it" Dr. so and so" and it was. She said she could tell by the things I told her who it was and she said she isn't saying I don't have SS but she said "he diagnoses more people with SS than any doctor" . I found that interesting. She did say however it is possible that I do have SS but until all the tests are in she isn't saying. She did bring up Lupis also. So we will see. I go back after Christmas. But it seemed to go well. Just wanted to update you all. She does want me to continue the Plaquenil twice a day, as it is also used for Lupus. I felt more comfortable with her than I have with any. So pray that she will help me get the answers I need.
    But of course as always I forgot to ask somethings and to tell her about my frequent UTIs. But I can tell her next visit.
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