Doctors visit tomorrow morning

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    Hi all
    Hope everyone is doing good today.
    I was just in a auto accident sunday, my forth one..I was not the driver.
    anyway It is causing me to have the worst flare I have ever had yet...I went to the E.R. Sunday and they gave me some vicodin. it helped me alot this morning when I crawled out of pulls me out of the pain for a little while, but it keeps me awake at night so I can't use it tonight.
    At night I have been using the flexeral but the flex makes me so spacey, even the next day. plus I eat more junk food when I'm on it.
    anyway tommorow I go to the Doctors office to see what I can get for drugs. so I'm researching. this doctor has no clue but she's all I got for now..she doesn't even know what brain fog is.
    I have to get this pain under contol. so I'm thinking maybe some oxycotin, wellburtrim to replace serzone and pregabalin. I should be the doctor..does anyone know the side effects of these drugs?? I worry alot about weight gain. any info on any drugs would be a God send about now.
    how is Soma? God Bless you for reading this very long letter...welp time for more flexeral,..
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    for Lisa
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    Hi Life dancer
    just wanted to say thanks for your letter, it helped
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    I take oxycontin as I posted already and I have no weight gain with it. I also take 50 mg zoloft for depression and no weight gain or other side effects. For sleep I take imovane and it works well. I have tried so many treatments and holistic and meds. This has worked the best over the last year. I too had a car accident a year ago and already had fibro. I was in pain but managed to hold down my job of 26 years. After the car accident that was it. I have not been back to work. Of course the doctors and assesment centres the auto insurance sent me to said my injuries should be healed in 6 weeks and I could go back to work. My doctors strongly disagreed and I fought 8 months for my long term disability through my employee plan and won. It was stressfull and required alot of medical support.It was alot of work on my part too with keeping records of appointments, medical tests and info. I have files so thick. It paid off though. I suggest you keep records of every appointment with all treatments, doctors, meds , massage, journal about your pain every day. You never know if you can go back to work or if you will be in a law suit over the accident. I am. So best to be prepared. I hope you can go back to the way you were and be positive about it. You dont want to sabotage your recovery just because this is what happened to me. Just be prepared in case you get worse and stay worse. Hope this helps.