doctor's warning about coral calcium

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kimo, Feb 20, 2003.

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    My friend in Detroit who has access to many good doctors and was told by 2 of them not to take coral calcium because of the lead content in it. She had purchased a six months supply prior to the warning. What do you think of this????
  2. kimo

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    You know my friend may have said mercury but I thought it was lead. I am probably mistaken, it probably is mercury. Thanks for the reply.
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    I already have higher than normal levels of mercury in my body---starting the chelation therapy tomorrow. I chose not to take the coral calcium for this reason----also, the coral calcium on this website, anyway, also contains magnesium, and while the two supplements complement each other, I've always understood they work better taken several hours apart. Klutzo recommended calcium citrate malate (just calcium, no magnesium) & that's what I've ordered.

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    Dear Kimo,
    I've been taking Nature's Benefit Coral Calcium Powder for the last two months and I feel better than ever. If there was lead or mercury in the brand I'm using, then I would feel very sick not better.

    I have a friend who is healthy who was sick many years ago for a few months because the calcium supplement she took had a high level of lead in it. She could not remember the brand but it was a popular calcium brand she bought in the drugstore. Her doctors found a very high level of lead in the tablets when they tested it so she stopped taking the calcium tablets and after a week or two she was well again.

    Also if you are afraid of mercury, then it is best to avoid eating fish as fish has some pretty high levels of mercury.

    Love, Jasmine
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    The coral calcium I bought is 'environmentally friendly', you can look for that on the label. I just started on the stuff two days ago, will keep this in mind though about the possible mercury/lead. Thanks!
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    Detoxification-Coral Calcium enhances the excretion of Arsenic from the body. Calcium (when combined with Magnesium) eliminates some types of toxic Radioactive Isotopes (Radioisotopes) that may become lodged within the Bones.. Calcium protects the body from some Toxic Heavy Metals by competing with them for absorption:- Cadmium- Calcium competes with Lead for absorption, thereby assisting in preventing the absorption of Lead.- Mercury- Rubidium

    Tough international laws protect “live” coral reefs, so coral calcium has to come from either fossilized coral beds or from coral sands.

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    IT would probably be a good idea to write to Bob Barefoot and ask him. Tell him your concerns and that you need facts to back up whatever he says.
    Just trying to help.