Doctors who Give GcMAF Injections?

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  1. Elisa

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    Hi All,

    Does anyone know who the doctors are (and where they are located) that administer GcMaf injections (not the yogurt)?


  2. tooks

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    Hi Elisa,

    Most doctors who recommend or prescribe GcMAF have the patients self-inject. That is what I do, although my doctor gave the first dose as an IV injection in the office--for safety to make sure I didn't have a reaction.

    Many (maybe the majority?) of patients who use injectible GcMAF are not being monitored by a doctor--they buy it themselves. As it is experimental, and the protocol often needs individual adjustment, I prefer to be monitored by a doctor.


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  3. Forebearance

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    Hi Elisabeth,

    I know of Dr. Enlander in New York City and Dr. Cheney in North Carolina.
    There are probably more that I don't know about.
    Well, Dr. DeMeirlier in Belgium does, too.
  4. tooks

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    Not sure that Dr. Cheney is still using it.

  5. Forebearance

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    Dr. Bradstreet in Georgia is using some kind of MAF for his patients. I'm not sure if it's the injectible or the yogurt.
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  6. tooks

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    Dr. Bradstreet definitely uses the injectible--don't know whether he uses the yogurt. He is also aware of the need for low dosing in many patients and does phone consults--I've been told.