Doctors who will prescribe xyrem w/o giving you a narcolepsy diagnosis???

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    Hi! I have SEVERE insomnia/sleep deprivation that has gone on for almost three years. I rarely get any deep sleep. It was so bad it caused early menopause at 27! No sleeping pills work. I'm hoping xyrem will help me. I have two doctors who will prescribe it but they have to diagnose me with narcolepsy (which I dont have) to get insurance to approve it.

    Does anyone have a doctor, know of a doctor or know where/how I can find one in the U.S. who can prescribe it for me withOUT a diganosis of narcolepsy? (Like just a diagnosis of FM or severe insomnia, etc)

    Cause I DO want to find the true cause of my insomnia and if insurance thinks its narcolepsy, they may not cover ANY further blood work or tests related to my insomnia.

    Thanks SO much!!!
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    If you read the website below, you will then understand that this is not a simple medication. In fact, it is apparently not dispensed by regular pharmacies and you have to get it through a special program. If you don't take it correctly, it can cause seizures. Read fully the site below to get all the information to understand everything about this medication, the dispensing of it, how to take it, etc.

    Here is part of a large group of info on the med from Wikipedia that may further explain why it is not simple to get this medication:

    "A number of measures have been put in place by Xyrem's manufacture to ensure that it is used safely and appropriately. Xyrem requires a prescription and can only be obtained through a restricted distribution program, called the "Xyrem Success Program". This restricted distribution program is required by the FDA as part of a Risk Management Program (RMP) to manage product safety and abuse.[24]

    The program involves many risk management components, such as:

    Physician education


    Patient education

    Detailed patient surveillance

    The program includes a single centralized pharmacy with a toll-free number."

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    Dr. Enlander in NYC prescribes and gets coverage for xyrem