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  1. MssDarla

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    Okay I have been reading this board for a long time but this is my first time posting.
    Hello all, I have FM. After many many yrs of pain finally a dr says that. lol my story is just to long to tell every thing but I am trying to get SS but just received my first denial letter yesterday. <sigh> so now I am calling a lawyer.
    I just want someone to believe me. sad eh?
    I just went to my regular Doctor yesterday with chest cold or something and anyways, I left there in tears. I told her I have mostly been in bed since the last time I seen her. Other then household chores, she tells me all the usual about working out or buy a hot tub. anyways. I informed her that I am trying to get SS and she says to me " I don't do SS just like I don't do Chronic pain. I am thinking then why am I seeing you. But I said to her you don't have to do a thing. My Rd does the pain meds. She is not my first or second or even third dr. Why can't I find a good dr that isnt scared of treating FM? Luckly I found a Rd that does get it ( I think) but I don't see him very often.
    Of course I called a lawyer for the SS issues and he says the problem is not enough doctor history. I said I have plenty from 3 and 4 yrs ago but they claim they can't find my records. Lawyer says it wouldn't matter cause you were working at that time. SS won count it. OMG I have no income except husbands right now. I haven't worked in almost 2 yrs. SS thinks its not enough and doctor thinks I should go work out at a club. anyone care what I think????
    My meds are Ambien Cr and mirapex (4 pills a night) and Tramadol for pain 3 xs a day (which makes me feel ill)
    I told the lawyer how many RD docs just give out these kinds of scripts for nothing?
    I must share this with someone, I am reaching my limits mentally. Because of the brain fog I feel I can't fight everyone anymore. and if I complain about that I am told well stop taking all those meds. duh brain fog happened before these meds. Why do I have to explain it so much. I am not stupid I just can't remember that. lol Makes me so angry to keep explaining it. brain fog ,,brain fog,
    I told my hubby I just want to jump out the window (on second floor) he said I would just hurt myself. lol

    Hey all I will stop for now, Thanks for those who read this mess.
    Hope you all have a painfree day.

    any advice out there on lawyers and the process????
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  2. MssDarla

    MssDarla New Member

    This is my 4th doctor since moving here. Another fibro patient referred me to this one. This is why I am so frustrated.
  3. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    You are having a difficult time and there are many here who will know how you feel. I'm glad you have found the board. It is such a great place for support and information.

    There is a doctor referral at the top of this page. Maybe there is someone there in your area. You could also start a post asking if anyone knows of a good doctor in your area.

    I'm sorry things are so hard right now. Remember, you have a real illness and you deserve to be treated with respect.

  4. shootingstar

    shootingstar New Member

    I don't have any solution, but sure feel for you in this situation.

    The slogan of the new CFS campaign is "Get informed. Get diagnosed. Get help." Well, we can get informed.

    Get diagnosed -- that is a laugh. There are people on this board who literally have gone through decades of dealing with the medical system trying to get diagnosed. More and more people are without medical insurance. Just where do they fit in this system?

    Get help -- there is no real help. They don't have definitive treatments. If you find a doctor who is both caring and knowledgable you are really lucky, and even then there may be little they can do for you. Because there is no test to absolutely say 'yes this person is really sick' the Social Security disability sytem has victims jump through hoops while they lose their homes, jobs, families, friends, feeling of self worth. The biggest help I have found is this forum.

    In the U.S. medical insurance has become so expensive that more and more companies are hiring part time so they do not have to pay insurance benefits, leaving more and more people in impossible situations. Not only do they not have insurance, they are in bad employment circumstances. This is huge, and no one is doing anything significant to help.

    I hope you find a competent attorney. It can be a tough search.

    Adding a thought -- your local Social Security office may have a list of attorneys in your area that are experienced in handling in disability claims or suggestions on how to find one in the event the attorney you have does not work out -- hopefully the attorney you have now will be good. Wish you well.
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  5. lenasvn

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    Here is a link to Social Security Disability Coalition.

    The lady who runs it is impressive with her advice on how to win your case. There are tons of interesting member stories you can read there, and you get to speak to others who struggle with the same things.

    Please check it out.
  6. justlooking

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    I'd say find a new Dr, probably a Pain Management Dr to document your illness going forward and address your current pain problems. Also DEMAND your current Dr find those old records NOW and ask for a copy even if they charge you for it. You will need those charts for SSDI. Also if you don't have a diagnosis from a Rhuematologist, get one right away. The SSA may require you to have a report from one, they did in my case, luckily my lawyer knew alot about FM and CFS and was able to advise me to get this done before I filed my appeal after my first denial. Even with having over 6 years of documentation from my PCP the Rheumatologist report was a key piece of evidence in my favor!!

    Secondly, find a new Lawyer. I have been sick for many years and began seeing Drs for my problems in 1995 and my PCP was great about documenting my symptoms for all of these years. I worked until 2001 even though I was declining in health. I was only 34 at the time and I ended up getting SSDI because I had a long history of Drs notes and had worked for many years after my diagnosis. It showed the judge I wasn't a slouch looking to sit on my couch all day but someone who worked hard and tried but eventually had to give in to the illness. Your lawyer is giving you very bad advice and probably isn't the right one to take your case....KEEP LOOKING! Look for one that specializes in SSDI and one that understands FM and CFS because these illnesses may need to be approached differently in applying for SSDI than others.

    Anyway Good Luck and don't give up.
  7. MssDarla

    MssDarla New Member

    Thanks guys,

    Today I wont jump out my window, we'll see about tomorrow lol
    I will check out all the sites. thanks
    I am just worried after all the go rounds with the doctors now I will have to do the same with lawyers. lol

    Is Fibro-postal a defense?? hmmm
    Maybe I would get SS for my mental condition then.

    Thanks again

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