Does a dryer climate help?

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    I presently live in Alabama, and was wondering if a dryer climate might help, I have noticed that every time a pressure change comes through, which is every week here in the south, that my pain level increases dramatically. Is there anyone out there that has moved recently from the eastern US to the west? And has the move helped?
    Thanks for any help you can offer, I am new to the message board and have FMS and cannot live here any longer, it is just too painful.

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  2. tadpoles

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    Thanks for the info, I'll look there.
    Thanks Again,

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    one of our male participants, cant remember names, says moving to a small town 25 miles outside phoenix was the most helpful thing he ever did for his health.
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    HI Tadpoles,

    I have read the other responses to your question so hate to say that for a dryer climate has not worked. I live in VAncouver, British Columbia and each year spend time in Scottsdale Arizona. This year while there for 6 weeks, I had the worst FM experience in years and it was in areas never before affected; my hands and arms. I also recall having problems there before. It seems that we are all different but, who knows, it could have been related to something else.
    There is a wonderful centre for myofascial release in Sedona that has had great success working with those who have FM....only one of two centres in the states that I could find. I have not been there because of cost but my physiotherapist in Vancouver praises it highly. If you would like information on same, just let me know and I will forward it to you.

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    HI packman,

    Regarding your comments on ARizona. I actually found Scottsdale to be very dry. So much so that the skin on my feet cracked. But dryness did not help my fibro.

    Just so you know, in Sedona there is a place called Therapy on the Rocks that specializes in myofascial release that is very beneficial for people with FM. They can be reached at 928-282-3002. they also have a place in Paoli Pa called Myofascial Release Treatment, no. 610-644-0136.

    My physiotherapist in Vancouver does this kind of work on me and the benefits are great.

    Just for your information.
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    We recently discussed this a lot and if you do a search on climate, it should bring up all those posts.

    I moved from high and dry Colorado to low and humid Florida and I have lost my asthma, bronchitis, sinisitis, and pneumonia since coming here six years ago. I'm allergic to mold too. It often makes no sense.

    One person's paradise is another's hell hole.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thank you all for the responses, it is a lot to research huh? Thanks Mikie, I'll go there.

    Thanks Again,
    Still looking,