Does a person with FM ever get better?????????

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  1. Rosetta

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    I was diagnosed with FM about a year ago. Some days the pain is so bad that I lay and cry. It seems like the cold damp weather makes the pain worst. I started working in 1969 and had to quit last year. It is hard to accept the fact that I may never be able to work again. Is it true that this DD only gets worst with time?
  2. Rosetta

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    I was diagnosed with FM about a year ago. Some days the pain is so bad that I lay and cry. It seems like the cold damp weather makes the pain worst. I started working in 1969 and had to quit last year. It is hard to accept the fact that I may never be able to work again. Is it true that this DD only gets worst with time?
  3. Mikie

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    Please see my response to Pinky's post about "How Do You Cope." The answer is a resounding, "YES." Many of us have gotten better. Don't give up.

    Love, Mikie
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    I am new to this board also. I was diagnosed a little over a year ago although I know I have had it for at least 10 years.
    I noticed that no one has answered you yet, so I thought I would so you would not feel alone.

    I am in pain most days where I can't get up until noon and even then I don't get dressed. Depression, IBS, reflux acid disease, these are all part of FM.

    I had to quit my wonderful dream job and am not able to work at all now. All my children, grandkids and immediate family are in Illinois. I am in CA with my second husband. I have days where I feel good enough to get dressed and actually go crazy cleaning or whatever needs to be done. Then I pay for it for days after. Some people have told me that they go into remission for months at a time. My therapist also has FM and has been in remission for a year. However, she knows it may strike again at anytime. I have not had what I consider a remission at all. I can't say if it gets worse with time. It differs with every person dealing with it. But the best thing I have learned here on this board is that I am not crazy, making it up, and some one else suffers the same way I do, and they are willing to listen and talk to you anytime day or night. It really helps. I hope you will keep coming back and do not be discouraged. There is life with FM and people who care.
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    I have "gotten better" over the years. I relate it to a remission similar to cancer. Unfortunately for me, it has always come back. But I know there are definately ways to make yourself feel better. Look up that info that Mikie suggests.
    gentle hugs to you both,
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    I am not sure what Mickie is referencing but I can guess it has something to do with segregating FMS from other ailments that CAN and therefore MAY NOT go along with the diagnosis.

    I got better, even though right this minute I am in a flare of sorts, time has taught me that ...'this too shall pass'.

    I had IBS years, probably 30 years before being diag. w/FMS ditto depression/anxiety. I was diag. w/osteoarthritis et al. prior to the FMS business; however, as in my case, I put all those other things into the mix along w/classic migraines out of the blue and was so sick and weary, throw in frighened out of my wits by the time I hit this forum, I did not now where one thing stopped and another started!

    This is my third year responding on this forum. I listened, pondered, kicked it around, then began to be able once more to separate what what at issue, health wise, and begin to treat, say the IBS...well, that got the diarrhea under control; then the migraine's which I did not I was having as I hurt all and out of the ER when finally a genius of a neurologist waltzed over and put imitrix in my IV.....the loss of that migraine pain and other symptoms (I was close to being out of consciousness of my surroundings!) was profound and within minutes I sat up and asked what had happened to bring that profound relief! Well, you get it.

    A final word, pain control. My FMS caused (and still would w/out appropriate medication) such profound pain that when I lost ins. coverage and the pain began raging, my psychiatrist of 8-years told me she could not treat me for the mental disorders until I was relieved of that unrelenting, pre-cancerous-level pain. I told her I had no doctor anymore and she said go from door to door then until one would atleast write you a prescription, at her behest, so I could continue treatment for the mental illness(s) I had had for years. I did finally find one doc who did and I made it through several years of fighting for SSDIB; then I became completely indigent and won SSI, after a year of work and retaining an attorney.

    Up until this forthcoming mandible fiasco I had felt better than I had in years! I had learned to treat my ailments separately; I had learned my limitations and tried to keep that area in control. I relented and began to use a therapeutic cane, 4-pronger if necessary and even a walker.
    As my upper body became more bothersome I qualified and got a powerchair. A dear friend, a rich friend, had recently purchased a custom handicapped van from an ALS friend who was placed in a nursing home. It had a lift. So my friend when back to her candy-apple red custom truck and a "cart" and gave me the van.

    You must identify and mitigate your losses. Do as much as you can physically but when the body says thats' it, thats' it. Take adequate pain medication et al. I may not actually be better as far as FMS goes, but my attitude toward handling it has become much better! I'm still learning and still not able to always be somewhere when I said or do something I thought I would be able to do but I am trying; and I will find that medium where I can take part in life again. It is possible. CactusLil'
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    I've gone from being so wiped out by FM that I had to crawl into the bathroom on my hands and knees, to feeling almost 100%. It CAN happen to anyone here!

    Marilyn :)
  8. Shirl

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    I went a whole year without any symptoms at all, I though I was cured! But, then it came back with a vengence!

    I have had this for 20 years, and for the last year and a half I have been 80% better than in years. BUT, I don't dare do the things I used to do anymore. I learned the hard way when I feel good and the pain is down, not to push my body anymore.

    I take supplements only, the strong drugs do not agree with me, I have tried them. The only thing I take is low dose Xanax in the evening only.

    You are right, damp and cold weather does make the pain and achy feelings worst. Try to keep your body warm, I will wear a tee under my shirt, and longjohns if necessary to keep the body heat in, that helps.

    If necessary in the summer I will wear turtlenecks, and a tee. That way even my neck stays warm! Oh, by the way, I live in Louisiana! It does not get seriously cold here, but it can be very damp even in the summer months.

    Also this is something that is of the greatest help, its a;
    'Wireless heating mattress pad', helps with the morning stiffness and pain. Its the greatest for Fibro! I turn it on about an hour before I get out of the bed, and its a gentle heat, not hot and it makes all the difference in the world for that horrible morning stiffness and pain.

    Hope this helped, this is such a frustrating illness! We are all out here doing our own research!

    You take care, and keep the faith here, you can find help with this DD!

    Shalom, Shirl

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  9. lucky

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    I congratulate you for your great response to Rosetta's question,I could have written it myself. However, it does take time to find the balance to live with FMS, CFS or both. There are so many new and different challenges which we probably never would have experienced if we would not have had gone through all the many negative or even positive experiences with these illnesses. I call it personal growth and finding a different and deeper kind of happiness than what healthy people would probably identify with. And most these experiences have not only enriched our lives but mostly are free on top of it. Well, I hope that over time other newly diagnosed members will also learn and find their own positive ways and find a little happiness which will greatly help them in coping with these illnesses. Kind regards, Lucky
  10. RoseTx

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    Rosetta, I have had these symptoms since I was 12 years old and am 63 now. I had flares and would be down in the bed for months at a time and then would have a remission that has lasted over a year or more. The only thing I have ever depended on is that IT will be back. I live in Texas and the summer kills me. I spend most of my time either in bed or sitting in a recliner for those six months. Then when the cooler weather starts I can start to live again. Do not think that I am able to live a perfectly normal life. Even in the good months I can only work for about twenty to thirty minutes at a time before I have to sit and recoup for at least 30 mins to an hour. The best thing you can do for yourself is to research, research, research. This site has a wonderful library. Read everything you can find. Become the expert on yourself. The next best thing you can do is find what your limits are and NEVER exceed those limits. I do not take any supplements. I am on meds. I take Ultrams for the pain, Flexeril for muscle spasms, and Paxil for depression. Plus a multitude of other meds for high this and low that. I take my meds regularly because with them I have some quality of life. I quit working completely about 5 years ago. Before that I was working in a convience store and before that my husband and I drove a semi as a team. And before that I did a mixed bag of things. What I am telling you is that your life is not over. You are not going to die. You can lay in the bed and cry and moan but you will just make yourself and everyone around you miserable. Get on your computer and find out everything you can and then live within the limits this DD sets for you because you can't change a blasted thing by wishing or crying. I have had a great life. I have done things that most people only dream about. I had a ball and hope to have another in the years left to me.This DD has turned me into a kind, caring, empathetic person. I like who I am so how can I curse the tool that brought me here. Hope this helps to answer some of your questions. Hugs, Rose
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  12. kristine

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    ...i have been sick with cfs and fm for about 10 my case, i did get worse the last 2-3 years...BUT, the last 7 months or so, i have gotten back to normal, least what i remember normal to feel like...i was at the point where i honestly did not think i would feel better...i was having days on end where i couldn't even get around in the house...the pain and fatigue were overwhelming...too tired to even change clothes or take a shower...this from someone who used to shower 2x a day, and fix my hair and make-up every day...i was beginning to wonder if i was really any use to my 5 kids and was devastating to me..i had always been on the go, and it killed me because i couldn't even make plans to do anything...i would have maybe 1 or 2 days where i could go somewhere for an hour or two...but, i woke up one morning and just felt different...actually, i felt good!!...and still do...i don't know if it will last, but i hope so...please don't give up...if i have been sick this long and now feel better, it could happen to you....believe me, i never thought it could happen to me...i feel tired sometimes, but, i don't wear myself out..i will bump up an old post of mine...maybe it can give you some ideas..i think it is titled,"i think i figured it out", or something like best wishes that you will improve, and if you need something for pain, please ask your doc for may make your days more bearable....i have had good results with ultram, and panalgesic gold rub/liquid for pain...if you need some more ideas, let me know, i will try to help as much as i can...kristine
  13. Msagn

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    I don't know if it will work for others or not.
    Everyone is different, all I can tell you is that while on medication my pain level is ruduced to almost zero. I still caim a (2) for my early jogging years that I pay for now. After evaluation they put you on a very bland diet, yuck! really bland, probably the hardest part of the treatment. They want to make sure your pain is not food allergy related. I feel extreemly luck as results were relatively fast for me.
    It differs from person to person and some it doesn't seem to help at all. All I can say is Read Read Read !
    Microdose Therapy® 2002

    (University Developed and Tested)

    Microdose Therapy® is a method for reducing both inflammatory arthritis pain and the amount of medicine used to control such pain. The program increases the patient's role to 1) monitor pain levels; 2) alter diet to eliminate problem foods; 3) take hydrocortisone as needed; and 4) take an antibiotic. Arthritis sufferers who have used Microdose Therapy® have experienced significant relief while lowering overall hydrocortisone dosage, thereby eliminating its side effects. Patients receive maximum relief within twenty-one days of starting the program.

    The best of luck to you with your problem mine has been the best it's been after 4 years of increasing pain. A starting pain level of 127 now resides from 2 to 5 on the worst days.

  14. PaulMark

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    TO Msagn: About that bland diet, well lst of al lmyh prim. dx is cfids later devleoped the fibro cheney is my dr. and i've been sick 5 yrs and worse pretty much homebound and bedridden quite a bit during the day,

    i've been food allergy tested both the immeidate and delayed type, followed a rotation diet pretty faithfully for about 2 yrs. then since last thanksgiving the cravings getting worse, and i fight binging on ice cream and cool whip whip i crave and on other end nuts,

    so i'll go back to the rotation menu and then boom i'm off again, dr. cheney says malabsorpion leak gut you know the bit, of course i get frustrated too cause ain't a lot i can do for the cfs # 1 issues he calls them ie pathiophysiology of the illness low G hormone which i've been intolerate to shots and a drug that stimulates the bodies own gh.

    ANYWAY to the point you have FMS mainly?? ABOUT the bland diet, could you give me some ideas, i think that is what i need for a little while if i could somehow find the strength and my will is strong to follow it, but dr. cheney when i told him, doc my will is very strong, but my cravings are like uncontrollable and he said that's right because your body cravings are like an animal going for the certain weeds herbs grasses when sick except you are craving bad things due to this complex cycle involving niacin histamine trytopan etc. all precrusors to seratonin and cfs patietns inability to cross barrier to the brain with b vitamins per THE brain chemistry diet book he says



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    one has goten better and one has gotten a lot worse