Does any energy drinks or juice drinks help?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by roxyspanky, May 21, 2003.

  1. roxyspanky

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    Hello, I have Fibro and don't eat right. Really don't eat much at alot and much of it isn't real healthy. I have no energy and is tired all the time. I know having fibro does this to you plus much more, but I was wondering if any drinks has helped? Or any drinks could be helpful for good nutrition. I heard of Ensure but, I don't need the weight gain. Thanks, Marcy
  2. Stillkicking

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    Try Poweraid. I use this during bad spells to prevent dehydration and it really helps. Avoid sugary drinks in general because of the blood sugar ups and downs. V-8 is good and so are liquid soups and broths. There are some drinks with spirolina in them and concentrated nutrients that may help.

    To feel better I eat a salad for lunch everyday. Easy, fast, no cooking, very good nutrition. Use baby green spinach, dark green kale or romaine lettuce, fresh tomatoes, shredded carrots, etc...and vary the meat and/or fixins. This will boost you iron level and improve your digestion a lot.

    It's hard to eat right with fibro. Take it easy on yourself. Buy frozen Tyson chicken strips which you can heat up in a toaster oven and make a sandwich. Vegetable soup, wheat crackers, fresh fruit are easy to fix.
    Hope you feel better soon.
  3. bakron

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    Good nutrition will require change dietary pattern. I know how difficult that can be, especially when you feel bad and just don't want to bother with planning, preparing, etc. I am there at times, too. I have the battle of "the bulge" and constantly have to refocus my lifestyle. What I find that helps me is:

    1. Having a lot of veggies, fruits, frozen chicken, and other more easily prepared foods around. That way, depending on energy level, I can throw a piece of frozen chicken on the grill (no frying, etc) and eat an apple with it for dinner. <b>I try to stay away from carbohydrates as they tend to decrease energy for me.</b>

    2. Joining a health club / gym for easy workouts (when I am not feeling really terrible) increases energy for me and make me feel better. Just taking easy walks can also accomplish this if you feel well enough to do it. There are also chair exercises for those who cannot muster the energy. Sometimes I do those. In any event, I try not to make myself feel guilty if I am not exercising as I no that doing that makes me feel worse (a stressor).

    3. Taking a good multi-vitamin with minerals along with additional vitamin C. You may want to add vitamin E.

    Please stay away from anything, including supplements, with ephedrine, ephedra, ma huang on the label of ingredients. These are the same herb and may cause cardiac problems. This is an ingredient in methamphetamine and is popular with kids as an available "street drug" in medications advertised to help asthmatics.

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    sounds like my diet. And, I am trying to change too. What has helped me is Fatigue to fantastic. You can buy it on the web at iherb with the dot and com. Dr.Joeseph Tietlbaum (sorry spelling is off) has made this mineral powder supplement for fms/cf patients. It helped me alot for about 6months. But, you know how things go with us they stop working for a while. The stuff is mixed with juice and does not taste bad. Do a search on it and check it out.
    Might help for a bit.
  5. j-bearmama

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    I've never tried the "so called" energy drinks.
    my husband swears by them though...
    what I HAVE discovered as a GOOD drink is PROPELL, made by gatoraid.

    it is FULL of electrolites. BUT has NO artificial sweeteners!!

    it is SAFE totally safe and honestly natural.

    the Berry one is the ONLY one that I like. I actually notices I had so much energy. when I got home from work at 3AM, I did a load of laundry, swept the kitchen and did dishes. usually I flop on the couch or get online, bc I can BARELY move...( I took a bottle of it with me to work.)

    now I'm often dehydrated. and also I'm sure my elecrtolites get messed up.
    I did learn something. one of the FIRST signs of dehydration is confusion ( such as brain fog) and also grumpiness.
    I also learned that when you FEEL thirsty that your body is already in severe dehydration.

    I have been trying to drink at least 6 oz an hour.
    of course I am peeing every 20 minutes but at least it's clear when i go. :) LOL

    whatever drinks you a ll try PLEASE stay AWAY from nutrasweet. that crap will kill you!

  6. Dorothy45

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    Noni juice has helped me with energy and relief from headaches. It's not a nutritional supplement,and it tastes absolutley horrible!!!!!! I have taken it in awhile, because I am feeling better(and the taste too). If you are desperate to try something, you might think about it< just hold your nose and breath while you take your 1 oz shot. I tried mixing it with juice, but it was still awful, and then I had more drink to down.